In this report, we will look at the prognosis for 2023 and the next 10 years so that you will know our own expectations and those of the market regarding the future of AVAX. 

Please feel free to contact us. Let us take a quick look at the progress and challenges before we decide with the AVAX course prognosis and answer the questions, whether AVAX is a good investment, whether AVAX will be successful or fail and whether Avalanche will increase or decrease.

Vorteile und Nachteile Avalanche

Because Avalanche integrates centralized markets with decentralized Apps, it is often referred to as the "Internet of Finance" (Internet of Finance). 

AVAX ensures interoperability between the tokens of third parties and expands the DeFi Ökosystem with a user-friendly framework. This framework enables the use of private or publicly accessible blockchains. 

✔️ Vorteile Nachteile
Vertrauenswürdig und leistungsfähige Apps, sowie private Blockchains, die modifiziert werden können. Transactions can be completed if the purchasers are unable to agree on the status of a transaction.
Blitzschnelle und skalierbare dApps.There is no guarantee for the accuracy of the transaction in the event of any other transaction.
A high transaction volume of over 4,500 per session. 
Proof-of-Stake anstelle von Proof-of-Work. 
A number of network operators play an important role in the legitimacy of transactions. 
The use is high and efficient, without risking centralization. 
It is possible to create assets on existing oil and gas systems and a new network with established validation standards. 

Avalanche avalanche aktuelle Preisprognose für 2023 

In 2023, the Avalanche Coin Prognosis will be influenced by high inflation and a highly volatile financial climate. If we include internal cryptocurrencies such as FTX, Celsius, Voyager and Luna with the forecast, the year 2023 will not be so good. 

At the same time, we will definitely be able to see a long-lasting, long-term improvement in the quality of our products, with the need to think of each small market. 

Our forecasting system analyses the market situation and makes an appropriate response. This is a monolithic analysis for the last month in 2022 and the entire year 2023:

December 2022-12,61%10,81€
Januar 2023-22,75%9,55€
February 2023-26,95%9,04€
März 2023-20,39%9,85€
April 2023-19,69%9,94€
Mai 2023-11,08%11€
Juni 2023-5,91%11,64€
Juli 2023+5,51%13,05€
August 2023+11,31%13,77€
September 2023+12,63%13,93€
Oktober 2023+22,47%15,15€
November 2023+26,00%15,59€

Avalanche Prognose anhand der fundamentalen Daten

AVAX has positioned itself in the top 10 of the cryptowatches until the crisis of the cryptomarket in May 2022, where the Earth ecosystem plays a major role. 

Zurzeit ist die Avalanche Coin jedoch auf Platz 19 der Liste der wertvollsten Kryptowährungen, nachdem AVAXim Jahr 2022 einen Verlust von 91% einkassieren musste einkassieren. 

In April and May, as AVAX, the majority of the losses were due to the financial conditions and the associated costs of the Terra-Ökosystems, monolithic losses of more than 40% in April and more than 50% in May were recorded. 

In June, AVAX was not able to retain the third quarterly gain in value of the Level-1 token in folge. Nach Angaben liegt AVAX deutlich unter seinem Allzeithoch, das am 21. November 2021 erreicht wurde. 

Avalanche Prognose anhand Expertenanalysen

Since two months, the Avalanche price has been rising and 80% has been the price winner since its launch. 

The momentum of the Avalanche Kurses is the MACD Histogram of the MACD-Linie. The MACD-Linie is just under the Nulllinie, which indicates that the currencies will continue to fall. 

The William Alligator-Trendlinien show that the value of avalanche will be further reduced. The Reactive Strength Index has still a great deal of potential, as it is not located in an overexploited or overexploited zone.

Avalanche Prognose in Vergleich im Vergleich zum gesamten Kryptomarkt

The development of Alt-Layer 1s is a risky step when it comes to the gigantic Ethereum exchanges. Avalanche kämpft nicht nur mit den auf Ethereum aufbauenden Layer 2s, sondern steht auch im Wettbewerb mit Solana, Binance Smart Chain und Ethereum. 

Viele Mitglieder der Kryptowährungsgemeinschaft, darunter auch der brilliant Mitbegründer von Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, sind der Meinung, dass Layer-2-Netzwerke Ethereum letztendlich zum Sieg verhelfen werden. 

Als die die führende Smart-Chain-kompatible Blockchain in Bezug auf Nutzer, Entwickler, Marktkapitalisierung und viele andere Faktoren hat Ethereum eine solide Position inne. 

Auch wenn es unwahrscheinlich ist, dass Avalanche Ethereum verdrängen wird, so könnte es sich doch auf ein Marktsegment konzentrieren, das für sein Netzwerk geeignet ist.

Long-term appraisal forecast up to 2030

The Avalanche Prognosis for the year 2023

Our prehersage is that Avalanche will reach a price of 15,59€. The lowest price of the order is € 9.04, while the estimated average trade price is expected to be around € 11. 

The Avalanche Prognosis for the Year 2024

Our Avalanche Kurs Prognose has a price of 34,86€. The lowest price of Avalanche in 2024 is expected to be at least 18,89€.

The Avalanche Prognosis for the year 2025

The highest Avalanche Prognose 2025 is 50.43€. The lowest quoted price of the AVAX Prognose 2025 is €42.35, while the lowest price is €43.55. 

The Avalanche Prognosis for the Year 2026

Our most optimistic AVAX Coin Prognosis is €72.50. Der Mindestpreis der Münze wird Ende 2026 bei 59,12€ liegen, während der durchschnittliche Preis bei 60,86€ erwartet wird.

The Avalanche Prognosis for the Year 2027

The Avalanche Coin is currently traded with an exchange rate of 101,49€ and a strike rate of 85,15€. In addition, we say in this AVAX Prognosis, that the average price of the coin will be € 87.59. 

The Avalanche Prognosis for the year 2028

It is expected that the Avalanche Coin will reach up to 149,54€. Der Mindestpreis in our AVAX Coin Prognose für 2028 wird voraussichtlich 127,90€, mit einem durchschnittlichen Preis von 132,27€.

The Avalanche Prognosis for the year 2029

Wir gehen davon aus, dass der AVAX Höchstpreis bei 223,47€ liegen wird, mit einem durchschnittlichen Preisvon 197,87€. An ihrem Tiefpunkt wird die Währung voraussichtlich 191,26€ wert sein. 

The Avalanche Prognosis for 2030

Our Avalanche Prognose Prognose 2030 changes the highest price up to 337,92€, where the lowest price could be 277,62€. Es wird erwartet, dass die Coin im Durchschnitt für 287,52€ verkauft wird.

Avalanche Prognose 2023: Der bisherige Kursverlauf 

The price of the AVAX supply is dramatically reduced due to a number of reasons. If the price of AVAX could possibly become a paradigm shift when we look at the price for functional cryptocurrencies up to 2023, the AVAX price could possibly become a paradigm shift. 

  • Preisvorhersage-Seiten: According to the AVAX Prognosis and the technical analysis of PricePrediction, the price of Avalanche in the year 2023 is expected to reach an average price level of EUR 50. 
  • Twitter-ExpertenSeq: Seq is the opinion that AVAX still has many opportunities to develop new features and platform conversions. The functionality of the project and the prognostications for the year 2023 will be highlighted on the project's Twitter account. 
  • YouTube-KanäleInvestAnswers has a very bullish forecast for the year 2023. It concentrates on the future prognosis of the project as well as on the interrogation of various market parameters and time parameters. The token offer is the most important factor, and it is anticipated that it will be significantly increased in 2023 and in the following years. The 50€ Schwelle will possibly not be reached in 2023, but by 2028 it could be reached, so the prognosis.

Avalanche Prognose Updates - The latest developments & News

Auf Twitter diskutierte Avalanche vor kurzem seine Beziehung zu Chainlink, einem Blockchain-Orakel-Netzwerk. "10 Millionen oder mehr Datenpunkte, automatisierte Smart Contracts und eine überprüfbare Randomisierung haben dazu beigetragen, 550 Millionen Dollar oder mehr an Wert zu sichern", so Avalanche. 

Darüber hinaus hat die Zusammenarbeit die Möglichkeiten von Avalanche für Non-Fungible Token (NFT), Gamefi und DeFi erweitert, vor allem im Hinblick auf die Überzeugung von Programmierern, Innovationen auf der Blockchain zu entwickeln. 

"With the highly valued Oracle infrastructure of Chainlink and Avalanche's fast network network, developers can develop the next wave of Web3 innovation with complex, secure and scalable dApps," he said in the press release. 

AVAX has been on Robinhood's brokerage platform for some time now. Since September 29, 2008, investors have been able to send and receive information about Robinhood. 

Avalanche announced on November 21, 2022, that it has "overwritten the mark of 450 million euros in sales transactions", which will lead to a price increase of 10 % at this point in time.

Mögliche Höhen und Tiefen der Avalanche Prognose

Die Hauptentwickler der Avalanche Blockchain, Ava Labs, führen diese Statistik an, um ihre Behauptung zu untermauern, dass das das Netzwerk "rasend schnell, billig und umweltfreundlich ist". Sie behaupten: "Avalanche ist die schnellste Plattform für Smart Contracts in der Blockchain-Branche".

Ein Unternehmen ist nur so gut wie seine Führungskräfte, und laut Forbes ist Emin Gün Sirer, der Gründer und CEO von Ava Labs, "einer der besten Köpfe der heutigen Kryptowährungsbranche" und "steht an der Schwelle zur nächsten Phase der Blockchain-Entwicklung und -Akzeptanz." 

AVAX has achieved its highest price of almost €128 in November 2021, the actual cryptocurrency. It will now be charged for around €12. 

Steven Ehrlich, researcher at Forbes and experienced branch expert for digital media, reported in his magazine that Avalanche had just started to gain experience as a 1-billion-dollar cryptocurrency that would change the course of its speculative development. 

Am 31. Mai, als AVAX bei 25€ gehandelt wurde, hatte der native Token 76% seines Wertes verloren. Er hatte noch deutlich mehr verloren. Die Flut des Kryptowinters war nicht der einzige Faktor, der das Schicksal von AVAX veränderte. 

Avalanche and the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) have worked together. The 55-Milliarden-Dollar-denominated LUNA-Tokens and TerraUSD-Stablecoins were exchanged by the LFG, which is anxious and valued by Do Kwon in South Korea. AVAX was developed in the development.

Wird Avalanche wird wieder steigen?

Avalanche has enormous potential, which is set to increase again. We believe in our Avalanche Prognosis that the coin will again be found in the green area by the middle of 2023. If you also plan a long-term investment, Avalanche could be a good option.

Wann Avalanche kaufen?

It could be an excellent time to start in the coming months. Avalanche has changed nothing as an asset for the past two years; the only change is the establishment of the market. 

However, the macro-economic environment is still unequal to what AVAX is responsible for. For the future, it is necessary to expect a further return. Therefore, many investors will wait until the courses show signs of consolidation and stability.

What is the influence of the Avalanche Kurs?

There are many factors that play an important role in the Avalanche Kurs Prognose process. At least once you need to consider that there are many regulatory influences on the global cryptomark. 

The fact that Avalanche has new features that need some time to be implemented is another fact. Ultimately, the crisis or the current pandemic also plays an important role in the international financial system.

Wo kann man Avalanche Coin kaufen? 

All important trading platforms offer Avalanche as one of the most important coins. They have Kraken, Binance, Bitpanda, or Coinbase, along with many other small exchanges.

Alternative Kryptowährungen 

Would you like to learn more about the most popular AVAX Alternatives in this Avalanche Coin Prognosis? Now, without having to rely too much on the most selected or the newest coins, we would like to explain to you at least once the most recent alternatives of the current market. 

Most of these alternatives will be known to you for sure, but it is important to know their most important features:

Bitcoin (BTC)

The latest cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is the most valuable digital currency with a market value of 386,733 billion dollars. Although it can be used for such important payments, most people use it as an annuity or simply to save money. 

It can be only 21 million bitcoins at a certain point in time in the future. Since there is only a limited offer on this money, many people refer to it as "digital gold". The undeniable demand for Bitcoins is supposed to be like gold, a commodity. 

Ether (ETH)

Ether (ETH) ist die Ethereum Währung, eine Open-Source-Blockchain-Plattform, die dezentrale Finanzsysteme (Defi) ermöglicht. Defi-Apps ermöglichen Finanzdienstleistungen, die traditionell von Banken oder traditionellen Broker-Dealern erbracht werden. 

The difference is that it is about central solutions. This means that no government can control them. On the other hand, the concept of Defi is to improve access to financial services.

Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, is necessary in order to maintain "rejection" in the Ethereum network in order to create centralized apps and smart contracts. Außerdem ist ETH für Ethereum-Produkte und -Dienstleistungen erforderlich.

Tether (USDT)

The cryptocurrencies also include stablecoins. It also deals with tokens, which have the same value as real values such as the Dollar, the Euro or the Yen. Every Tether currency should be worth 1 USD. 

These "stablecoins" or stable transactions are attractive because they enable you to use a blockchain network for quick settlements and, at the same time, to avoid the volatility of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Cardano (ADA)

ADA is the money that will be used in Cardano. This is also a blockchain for Smart Contracts. These Smart Contracts are software-based contracts with automatic execution. 

In this respect, Cardano is similar to Avalanche or Ethereum. ADA-Token, like Ether auf der Ethereum-Plattform, werden verwendet, um Nutzungsgebühren im Cardano-Netzwerk zu bezahlen. 


The blockchain, which is suitable for XRP, is much faster than most other alternatives to Avalanche. This is also its greatest asset. XRP has been developed in order to introduce the SWIFT system, which in principle is the most popular way to establish bank supervisory arrangements.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is characterized by its unique offer and its low price. As Maskottchen dient ein Shiba Inu. Since there is no benefit for the number of shares in contrast to Bitcoin, Dogecoin is more like an inflationary cryptocurrency. 

Letztere wird Dogecoin als etwas günstiger angesehen, da eine Transaktion in Bitcoin wesentlich mehrEnergie verbraucht als eine Transaktion in DOGE. 

Polkadot (DOT)

This network connects several blockchains, so that they can communicate with each other. Thus, data or transaction values can be transferred between several central Apps and Blockchains. 

The DOT token gives the operator the opportunity to support the development of this cryptography. On the other side, the purchaser will be asked to verify the selection with DOT.

Fazit zur Avalanche Prognose

Avalanche is continuing to draw the boundaries of centralization thanks to its Smart Trac function. Die Blockchain hat in Sachen Leistung und Energieeffizienz Ethereum und Bitcoin bereits überholt. 

Like Solana, Avalanche is an important player in the Smart Contract Campaign. After all, Avalanche offers its customers a simple possibility to transfer their money from Ethereum. Avalanche is ideal and solid, because it is very safe and convenient at the moment.

We are already looking forward to a positive comeback in 2023, which will be the end of the year. And if you look ahead to our 2030 forecast, you will see that this coin has a bright future.


Lohnt es laut dieser Prognose Avalanche zu kaufen? 

We will make our Avalanche Kurs Prognosis a decisive risk by investing 50% of your cryptocurrency portfolios in Bitcoin, 35% in a large-cap portfolio and the remaining 20% in long-term small projects. In this case, Avalanche is a sound investment. 

Can I achieve a win-win situation with Avalanche in 2023?

Avalanche is, like all cryptocurrencies, a risky investment. However, the course in the future will be steered by intelligent tokenomics, the dynamic community and strong teams. 

Why will the Avalanche be boosted in the coming years? 

Avalanche is supported by a competent team and the best features. All these qualities are essential for success. Therefore, our Avalanche Prognosis 2030 forecasts that AVAX will increase to up to 337.92 euros.

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