Costa Rican Wedding ceremony Traditions

Costa Rican marriage traditions will be beautiful and intricately planned. They are really a wonderful way to honor your heritage and create long lasting memories for you as well as your guests.

Traditionally, the bride would wear white with wide lace accents, often embellished with a longer veil. Your lover may also be dressed in a tiara, headpiece or perhaps sash depending on her style.

Grooms typically wear dark suits with copper ties or perhaps bow jewelry to fit the bride's dress. Bridesmaids regularly dress in glowing colors that coordinate very well when wearing the bride's costume.

Foodstuff is a key part of any Costa Rican wedding reception. Typical food include arroz con pollo, tamales de elote, valentón pinto and tropical lovely juices.

Music is yet another important aspect of any Playa Rican wedding. The bridegroom typically sings a song to his future better half during the wedding ceremony.

One Puerto Rican custom is called the "Arras" formal procedure, that involves the groom presenting his new bride with 13 gold coins. That is a symbolic gesture that symbolizes his commitment to her fiscal security.

Other Costa Rican wedding ceremony traditions incorporate putting rice for the bride and groom permanently luck and giving the bride a rose towards her future husband. These are generally traditional techniques that can be deemed strange to a few cultures, nevertheless they are extremely popular in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican brides to be typically add a white colored gown with lace accents and a veil. They may also wear a tiara or headpiece, flowers within their hair or around their girls of costa rica waist, sensitive jewelry parts and gloves.

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