Axie Infinity (AXS)

A digital universe in which players can breed, battle and trade colorful creatures known as Axies.

Last update: 17.01.2023

Axie Infinity Coin Price Prediction 2023 ➡️ Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2030

Axie Infinity is one of the most brilliant crypto projects of recent years. Founded in 2018, Axie Infinity is a video game based on a blockchain platform where you can accumulate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) called Axies; these NFTs represent the Axie Infinity coin price.

If you are considering investing in AXS and looking for information on the long-term price outlook in a detailed Axie Infinity price prediction 2030, this is the right place for you. We will analyze Axie Infinity's past coin prices and forecasts made by experts on its future prospects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AXS

With the immense popularity enjoyed by the Axie Infinity game, its token has every chance of gaining value, marking an all-time high of $165.37. Around October 2022, the price of the AXS token was approximately $8. This article will discuss the positive and negative points Axie Infinity holds for any investor.


  • Ease of earning money
  • You can play from any device
  • Axies are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Axie Infinity has a fair market price


  • High price to buy in
  • Limited possibilities for daily collection of AXS coins
  • Adventure mode is a bit tedious

Axie Infinity Price Prediction for 2023

Axie Infinity Game

If you are looking for short- and long-term forecasts in a solid Axie Infinity crypto price prediction for 2023-2030, find out how we analyze the cryptocurrency's current technical markers, past prices, and the Axie Infinity crypto price predictions that crypto experts are making.


Many specialists believe that the price of Axie Infinity is about to skyrocket soon, as the Axie Infinity AXS equipment has proven to be solid and reliable, consistently delivering what they have promised, so it has a great deal of trust from users and the investor market equally. For that reason, while there is certainly nothing guaranteed in life, we consider Axie Infinity AXS to be a good investment.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction Based on Fundamental Data

Axie Infinity is currently worth $6.97. Over the past seven days, AXS has been on a positive uptrend, increasing by 4.08%, with a trading volume of $42,052,329. The Axie Infinity coin price is currently ranked as the #56 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of 695,515,582 USD. It has a circulating supply of 99,854,114 AXS coins and a maximum supply of 270,000,000 AXS coins.


The price of Axie Infinity is around an all-time high and low in the cryptomarket of $165.37 and $0.1234, respectively. Although the market is quite volatile at the moment, AXS still has a positive ROI in excess of 50000%.


Axie Infinity Price Prediction Based on Expert Technical Analysis

Here are some of the Axie Infinity crypto price predictions made in the last days of November 2022 by Axie Infinity experts. It should be noted that many Axie Infinity long-term predictions are made through an algorithm, so they may be incorrect and can change at any time.


CoinCodex had a somewhat gloomy short-term price prediction for the Axie Infinity crypto price. The site argued that the token could fall to $6.37 on Dec. 3 and continue to fall to $6.13 on Dec. 29. The site's technical analysis was overwhelmingly bearish, with all 26 indicators sending negative signals and none bullish.


DigitalCoinPrice made a price prediction for the Axie Infinity crypto price that said the token could trade at $7.29 this year, $15.35 next year, and $22.74 the year after. Furthermore, the analysis said the Axie Infinity price prediction 2025 could be around $28.05 and remain there throughout 2026 before resuming its rise, reaching $33.17 in 2027 and $46.53 in 2028, respectively, potentially closing the decade at $64.91. It then made an Axie Infinity price prediction 2030 of $90.74 before claiming it could break the $100 barrier to trade at a potential $123.76 the following year.


DigitalCoinPrice then gave an Axie Infinity price prediction 2030 of $90.74 before stating it could break the $100 barrier to trade at a potential $123.76 the following year.


CoinsKid predicted that the AXS token could close 2022 at $7.00 before possibly reaching $8.53 in November 2023 and $17.51 twelve months later.


CoinsKid predicted that the Axie Infinity coin price could close in 2022 at $7.00 before possibly reaching $8.53 in November 2023 and $17.51 twelve months later. They then made an Axie Infinity price prediction 2025 whereby the Axie Infinity's coin price could start the year at $19.48, reaching $27.64 in November and possibly closing the year at approximately $25.43. By November 2026, AXS could trade at $37.88.


PricePrediction.Net is also convinced that the Axie Infinity price prediction 2030 will be much more valuable than it is now. They also expect the token's rapid rise in the decade's latter half to be preceded by a rebound and recovery, giving an optimistic forecast for the Axie Infinity price prediction 2030.


PricePrediction.Net is also convinced that AXS tokens will be much more valuable 10 years from now. They too expect the token's rapid rise in the latter half of the decade to be preceded by a rebound and recovery. They expect the Axie Infinity crypto price to outperform its current ATH in 2024, but maintain a mediocre price action until 2029, when it exceeds $100. However, the next two years will be characterized by an unprecedented price rebound that will help AXS end 2031 selling for $240.88.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction for 2030 & Forecast - Axie Infinity Long-Term Price Predictions

These are the AXS price forecasts made by PricePrediction.Net for the period 2023-2030:


Minimum price

Average price

Maximum price





































AXS Forecast 2023-2030

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2023: The Price Trend to Date

Before proceeding, reviewing AXS's price history quickly is a good idea. Knowing what the Axie Infinity crypto price has done previously can help us better understand an Axie Infinity (AXS) price forecast or make one of our own.



When AXS debuted on the open market in November 2020, it was worth about $0.18. After that, it got caught up in the cryptocurrency boom of early 2021 and hit a periodic high of $10.85 on April 28 of that year. Then there was a dip when the market crashed over the summer, but with Bitcoin's new superiority in the second half of the year, along with the rise of the PlayToEarn, Metaverse, and NFT games, the Axie Infinity crypto price hit an all-time high of $160.36. That price could not be sustained and closed the year at $93.30.



While 2021 was a very good year for Axie Infinity, the same cannot be said for 2022. While AXS initially peaked at $97.78 on Jan. 3, it plummeted to $42.11 when Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. There was a recovery to $74.37 on March 25, but it fell back from there as the Ronin hack and a series of market declines left it at a low of $11.92 on June 18.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction & Forecast for 2023 - Latest Events and News

Axie Infinity developers have devised a very ambitious plan to transform the AXS ecosystem into a social network. Before that, however, they plan to release megaprograms on the Axie Infinity system, such as the Land game, the Lunacia SDK, and optimization of Axie Infinity iOS/Android apps. These releases will be crucial in driving up Axie Infinity coin prices and help the long-term Axie Infinity price prediction 2025 remain solid.



As blockchain technology becomes more widespread and most players become more confident in cryptocurrencies, experts are confident that Axie Infinity will succeed in attracting a large number of players in the coming years, which in turn will boost demand and the Axie Infinity coin prices. This should reflect favorably on the Axie Infinity price prediction for 2025 as well.

When to Buy Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Although there was a small recovery after that, the collapse of the FTX exchange was a further market disaster, and AXS fell to a low of $5.84 on Nov. 9 before a modest upside recovery to $6.97 on Nov. 28, 2022.

The 90-day price trend for Axie Infinity is around -52.20%, ranging from an average price low of $14.36 to a high of $15.37. Axie Infinity's crypto price is down -63.85 %, with an average price high of around $19.44 and a low of around $17.17 in the last four months.

This means that the current moment may be a good buying opportunity for a quick investment.

Where Can AXS Be Purchased? 

When looking at which platform you plan to use to purchase your AXS tokens, we recommend considering the following factors beforehand: 

    • Ease of use: if you are a cryptocurrency beginner, it is preferable to use an intuitive and easy to understand user interface.
    • Accessibility: make sure beforehand that the platform you plan to use is legally available in your country and that it has a customer support service.
    • Security: we recommend doing research on possible security incidents suffered by the platform you are considering, and what it has done to prevent further failures that could jeopardize customer assets.

We recommend the following cryptocurrency exchangers and brokers to buy and sell Axie Infinity:

1) Coinbase: is one of the largest exchanges on the planet to buy all kinds of cryptocurrencies, including AXS, being very easy and simple to use. You can link your bank account or debit card to deposit fiat money and buy AXS in a few minutes.

2) Gemini: is one of the most popular platforms today. Platform and wallet especially recommended to buy and hold all kinds of altcoins, with quite low commissions, being quite fast, reliable and simple to use.

3) Binance: is the exchange par excellence for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, being one of the most advanced platforms and with an almost perfect reputation, which makes it the natural choice for any user, whether beginner or expert.

4) eToro: robust and intuitive, eToro is the undisputed global online broker market leader, with over 10 million users. Perfect for both begginners and experienced traders, the platform's security is 100% guaranteed by prestigious financial authorities such as CONSOB, CySEC, and ESMA.

Alternative Cryptocurrencies to Axie Infinity (AXS)

    • Litecoin (LTC): is the third most powerful cryptocurrency in the world, only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Being a fork of the Bitcoin code, Litecoin seeks to become an alternative for more efficient payments with lower fees.
    • Polygon (MATIC): is a scalable financial system that allows running decentralized applications with lower costs, higher speed and interoperability with the Ethereum network.
    • Cardano (ADA): is a system that seeks to improve smart contracts for transactions developed in blockchain, through the use of mathematical principles in its consensus mechanism.
    • Polkadot (DOT)Polkadot offers a decentralized system that allows the management of any data or assets, as opposed to the token-based model of other protocols.
    • Solana (SOL)The goal is to drive the development of decentralized applications, but without the need for nodes or hardware, making it a greener option.

Conclusion on Axie Infinity Price Prediction (AXS)

It's hard to know what the future holds for Axie Infinity, but this project is really promising from past indicators and current trends. If you want to invest in Axie Infinity coins, stay tuned and look for the best investment opportunities in AXS. As it progresses and becomes one of the world's biggest cryptocurrencies, the Axie Infinity long-term price prediction looks encouraging.


Frequently Asked Questions about AXS forecasting and prognostics

Axie Infinity is part of the GameFi sector, i.e. video games developed on a blockchain platform that generate revenue thanks to NFT tokens and native tokens (in this case AXS).


The game itself takes place in a fantasy world inhabited by creatures called Axie. The main objective of the game is to breed and level up these creatures, whose authenticity is certified through the blockchain network.

The token can be obtained directly in the game, by passing levels or by exchanging captured Axies with other players. It can also be purchased on investment platforms (brokers or exchanges).

The platform on which the game was developed is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and runs on the native AXS token.

AXS is an extremely interesting investment due to the interest of the investment world and the high volatility value. It is a high-risk, high-reward investment with enormous upside potential.

Today, Axie Infinity (AXS) is trading at $6.97 with a market cap of $695,515,582.

The Axie Infinity crypto price is expected to peak at $7.44 by the end of 2022. The Axie Infinity Price Prediction for 2025 and 2030 also seem positive at the moment.

Axie Infinity's network security is one of the strongest currently available, with AXS being integrated into the Ethereum blockchain system.

At the time of writing, there are over 99.85 million AXS tokens in circulation and a maximum supply of 270,000,000 AXS coins.

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