Ripple (XRP) Current Price Prediction 2023 and Long-Term Price Prediction

Are you considering investing in Ripple? Do you want to know what the experts think will happen to its price in the short, medium, and long term?


If the answer is yes, you are in luck because, throughout this "XRP price prediction" guide, we will try to get closer to the best Ripple (XRP) price prediction and XRP future price.


Before getting into the nitty-gritty, we would like to tell you that, despite the bearish sentiment currently flooding the market, the prediction for Ripple's price between now and 2030 is very promising.


  • 1,500 transactions per second
  • Transfer of minute quantities
  • Universal translator for any currency
  • 100% supports currencies and cryptos
  • Encrypted and unforgeable XRP currency
  • Quick loans
  • You invest in the Ripple Labs project.


  • It is not a decentralized currency
  • It is not possible to mine XRP.
  • Payment system linked to the project
  • Ripple Labs owns almost half of the tokens
  • Limited number of tokens periodically

Advantages and Disadvantages Ripple (XRP)


An excellent way to measure the projection of any project is to analyze the pros and cons of the project. investment asset

Current Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction for 2023

The year 2022 has been a dramatic year for the cryptocurrencies as a whole. Bitcoin (BTC), the benchmark cryptoasset, has plunged 75% since reaching its all-time high, pushed down by rising inflation and gradual rate hikes by the Fed.


If to this cocktail we add the problems of crypto giants such as FTX, Luna or Celsius and the siren songs warning of further collapses of exchanges and projects with significant market capitalizations, the scenario does not seem encouraging.


Although the violence in the falls seems to have stabilized, the truth is that many investors continue to get rid of their high-risk assets to move to less volatile markets.


Everything seems to indicate that until the ruling of its litigation with the SEC is announced and Bitcoin's floor is divined, with the first green shoots of the next bull market clearly visible, there will be no significant capital inflows.


That said, it should not be ruled out that, as has happened dozens of times throughout the history of cryptocurrencies, BTC will bottom out over the next few weeks and start to rebound.


It should not be forgotten that, since the birth of cryptocurrencies, there have never been two years in the red, repeating the same pattern over and over again: green year, green year, green year, green year, red year, and so on up to three times.


If we consider this, 2023 should be a year of a trend change. However, as the technical analysis points out, there will be a final descent into hell before its arrival. This is why our ' Ripple XRP price prediction' is bearish for the year's first quarter.


If this 'double bottom' arrives - as different analysts point out - during the first quarter of 2023, the change in trend could come in the second or, at the latest, in the third quarter of the year, changing the general bearish sentiment and attracting new investors.


But how low can Ripple's price go before the trend reversal occurs, and what is the most realistic XRP price prediction for 2023?


Let's see what the different experts consulted say to elaborate this 'XRP price prediction 2023', taking into account both the technical analysis such as Ripple's fundamentals (tokenomics, marketing plan, community, usage, liquidity and speculative potential).

Ripple (XRP) Prediction Based on Fundamental Data

To analyze Ripple's fundamentals, it's vital to go back to 2004. This is when RipplePay was born, a decentralized payment platform that was the precursor of today's Ripple.

A project that failed to meet its objectives and that would live a before and after in 2012, when RipplePay became Ripple Labs.


A secure, centralized platform is designed to facilitate payments between individuals, legal and financial entities, and between individuals and legal and financial entities.


However, at the same pace that it has been growing, improving, and becoming more secure, Ripple has begun a decentralization process. So much so that, in the words of its creators, its 'XRP Ledger' network is "based on an inherently decentralized, democratic, consensus mechanism that neither party can control."


Moreover, - still, in the company's words - the amount of XRP in its possession is already below 50% of the total supply, highlighting the project's decentralization process.


At this point, it is worth remembering some of the interesting aspects of the Ripple fundamentals such as:


  • It does not use blockchain technology.


  • The system runs on gateways through which all transactions on your network pass.


  • These gateways are operated by servers located at the company's headquarters in San Francisco, USA.


  • It has signed agreements with more than two dozen banks, including several of the world's leading banks.


  • The issuance of XRP is substantially higher than many cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization. According to tokenomics, this will be declining, which, in principle, should increase Ripple's price.


Main Differences Between XRP and the Rest of the Cryptocurrencies

Some of the uniquenesses of the system proposed by Ripple that influence XRP price prediction after lawsuit are:


  • The high speed at which transactions are carried out.


  • Your ability to exchange any currency for any other currency or investment asset.


  • Its very low commissions for the use of its network.


  • Its high level of protection against spam.

Ripple (XRP) and its Association with Banks

Another significant improvement that is sure to continue to influence the price of XRP is the paradigm shift it proposes for international transfers.


Far from what happens now with the SWIFT system, which requires a wait of 2 to 5 days to complete in exchange for high fees, Ripple's network protocol allows complex interbank transactions to be completed in a few seconds and at a cost between 50% and 70% lower.


Two unique features of Ripple that are leading more and more banking, financial, and credit institutions to consider joint cooperation plans.

Its cutting-edge 'xCurrent' application is joined by 'xVia', which provides the ability to make intercompany payments and facilitates transactions of illiquid assets through XRP.


All these solutions have contributed to Ripple having signed cooperation and partnership agreements with more than 300 financial institutions in almost a hundred countries.

Ripple (XRP) Prediction Based on Expert Analysis

During the year 2021, the price of Ripple was quoted at 1.96 USD. A price that would go down during the last stages of that same year and that was accentuated during the first months of 2022.


A disastrous year for the world of cryptocurrencies in which a good part of the tokens saw their value reduced in the range of 75%. Something that XRP did not escape either.

However, experts are predicting a turnaround in 2023 that will take XRP above 50 US cents. But not before one last visit to hell.


For example, investment information and analysis portal WalletInvestor sees Ripple moving in a range from below the penny to USD 0.59 by the end of this year.


Somewhat less flattering, but along the same lines as WalletInvestor, are the analysts at Coin Price Prediction. They predict that the price of Ripple will reach USD 0.49 before the end of 2023. A considerable rise compared to the price on January 1, but which would not exceed the annual high set in the past 2022.


For its part, Cryptopolitan adds to the bullish forecasts for the recently started 2023 and places the price of XRP at around USD 0.58 in the final part of the current course.


Finally, eToro estimates the XRP price to reach during the first ten weeks of the year at USD 0.43, eventually touching a yearly high of USD 0.53 with a floor in the Ripple price at around USD 0.36.


That said, not all predictions are equally optimistic. Capitanaltcoin (0.3609 USD) and Price Today (0.33 USD) predict downward XRP prices. That said, those who prolong the bear market for the whole course, as of today, are still the fewest.

Ripple Price Prediction Compared to Global Cryptocurrency Market

Ripple's price prediction compared to the other cryptocurrencies offers different results when compared to Bitcoin and when compared to the other altcoins.

Regarding Bitcoin (BTC), it is expected to continue to lose in the pair, even during the early stages of the trend change. This is expected to happen while waiting for the next 'alt season' to be unleashed, which usually starts when the price of BTC stabilizes after several consecutive months of bulls.

In its comparison with the rest of alternative currencies, it depends a lot on who it is compared with. Ripple must be compared with projects with high capitalizations and with stable and solid work teams and fundamentals, as is the case of Cardano, Litecoin, Polkadot, Stellar or Maticto give a few examples.

Well, when compared to these tokens with comparable market capitalizations, winning or losing the pair will depend, in large part, on the outcome of the SEC trial and the announcements Ripple plans to make regarding new partnerships and enhancements to its system.

If they are successful and sell well, XRP will be in contention to regain the third place in terms of capitalization that it has now lost to BNB.

It will be more complicated to win the pair with new project tokens coming out that have powerful fundamentals capable of achieving top-tier partnerships as Sol, Matic or Rose previously did in the past bull market.

Long-Term Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2030

If we heed the XRP price prediction from the cryptomobile world's leading stock forecasting portal, PricePrediction, we see how the next two years are going to be two courses of recovery.


According to this portal, and although it could be a few months early, the value of XRP could recover the dollar in April 2025, to eventually lose it again before consolidating above this psychological figure in May of the same year.


Throughout the second part of this decade would be when the big take-off in the price of XRP would come, breaking its all-time high of January 2018 (around USD 3.84) between 2027 and 2028, to shatter the psychological ceiling of USD 5 per token in 2029.


And it is that for the XRP Price Prediction 2030 will be a powerful year, given that it sweeps an average XRP value of $7.64 and peaks above $8 during this year.


If this projection is confirmed, and even failing in half of the XRP price prediction, it would confirm what the big XRP holders have been saying for some time: any time is an excellent time to buy Ripple.

Year Price

Ripple (XRP) Prediction 2023: Price Trend to Date

One of the most important factors to analyze in crypto asset price predictions is the evolution signed by the cryptoasset since its release to the market and the oscillation in its price in recent months.


Well, if we 'zoom out' and look at the technical analysis chart to see how it has behaved since its inception in 2012, we see that XRP prices during its first twelve months of life moved around $0.005.


A price that would soon begin to take off and, ten years later, in 2022-2013, multiply exponentially in value to stabilize at $0.05.


From there, Ripple, like many other digital currencies, lived its particular cryptowinter visiting its floor on several occasions until in April 2017 it soared again multiplying by almost 100 times its value to exceed $0.40.


Since then, it has moved in that price range with many highs and a few lows, never going below $0.15. This figure is now considered the floor of its share price.


At the end of 2017, the price of XRP again experienced a series of rallies that took it from a price of $0.25 to its all-time high of $3.84.


The joy for Ripple holders, however, was short-lived, since, like the other cryptocurrencies, the powerful fall experienced at the beginning of 2018 led the price of XRP to fall by 90% to stand shortly after, again, at $0.30.


Recently, the price of XRP has been marked by its run-ins with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which, at the time, led to a one-third drop in value (from $0.60 to $0.20).


Already in the last bull market, on April 15, 2021, it surpassed the barrier of $1.80 to, from there, suffer progressive drops that have placed it, once again, below half a dollar per token.


A psychological barrier that will be the first to be broken by the XRP price before a take-off that should return it to a market capitalization close to $50 billion.


If it succeeds, it will break the dollar's price ceiling, and then seek the second dollar and smash its all-time high in the last third of this decade. That is, at least, what the price predictions of many analysts are saying with an eye on 2030.

Ripple (XRP) Prediction - Latest Developments and News

Just as important - if not more important - than taking a look at what has happened in the distant and nearer past in relation to Ripple's price is taking a look at the key indicators that are most influential in price prediction:

Ripple Prediction: Distribution of Supply by Address Balance

The supply distribution by address balance from the crypto intelligence platform 'Santiment' indicates the total number of tokens in wallets accumulating between one million and 10 million XRP tokens.


Well, what this indicator of large holder accumulation points to is that Ripple's whales have been buying tokens since the very moment the SEC's lawsuit became public.


Thanks to this we know that the whales' XRP balance has grown from just over 3.3 billion to almost 4 billion tokens, an increase of almost 20% in just two courses.


One need only look at the chart to see how, every time there has been a downturn, Ripple's large holders have taken advantage to buy in, acquiring the XRP Ledger token at bargain prices.


Another thing that can be corroborated by looking at the distribution of supply by address balance is the influence of large holders on Ripple's price, as, in addition to buying on every major downturn, they have taken advantage of the price break to take profits through sales of large bags of Ripple tokens that have slowed its ascent.


If we take the metrics provided by this indicator as good, it would underpin the prediction of an upward breakout in the price of XRP later this year.

The Growth of the Ripple Network (XRP)

Network growth is another most interesting metric that can help tremendously in hinting at what may happen to the price of the XRP token.


It detects the number of new addresses created on the Ripple network daily and shows the evolution of token adoption, revealing not only its attractiveness, but also its power and speed.


Well, as this chart points out, the adoption of Ripple tokens intensified in 2022, peaking in November, when many holders began taking positions as they awaited a final decision in the summary judgment following the SEC lawsuit.


It follows that, at the end of theWhile several exchanges have opted to delist it until after the ruling, XRP purchases have been increasing in the latter part of 2022, and are expected to continue in the early part of 2023.


Ripple's Dominance in the Social Networks Increases

The fourth most powerful cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization (behind only Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB) has seen mentions of its XRP token on major social networks skyrocket in recent months.


The historical graph of mentions on Social Media shows how the peaks in mentions coincide with the peaks in the rise of the XRP coin, so it is worth keeping in mind.


If we take into account this indicator and the gradual increase in the search for alternative tokens such as XRP, the theory that speaks of a rise in the price of this cryptocurrency in the medium term gains strength.

Top Ripple Price Prediction Threats in 2023

A legal setback in its litigation with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission could lead to an increase in sales by large, medium and small holders and, consequently, slow down its adoption.


There are, in fact, those who point out that an official setback could even affect the development of its ODL platform in banks. And the fact is that the North American market is one of the markets with the greatest commitment to Ripple and with the greatest weight in banking decisions at the international level.


If U.S. banks turn their backs on ODL, Ripple's big banking product, it could slow its adoption and similarly affect its central bank digital currency platform (CBDC).


It is important to take this scenario into account in order to, together with the price predictions of leading analysts and the evolution in the price of the XRP coin, design possible investment scenarios.


Some indicators already point out that some large holders have started to move by exchanging some one billion tokens. A verdict to the contrary will, with little doubt, affect the price of Ripple's coin.

Possible Ups and Downs of Ripple (XRP) Prediction

Throughout this guide that puts the eye on XRP price predictions, we have been exposing several possible drivers of ups and downs in the price of the Ripple token.


Firstly, market sentiment remains bearish, which is delaying the inflow of large capitals and, above all, institutional capital, which is expected to trigger the new bull rally.


Secondly, everything points to the fact that the ruling in the SEC trial will prove decisive, both in terms of triggering the cryptocurrency's price and pushing it back to a scenario close to $0.15 per token.


Thirdly, although there are many important indicators that point to bullish predictions in the near future, Ripple has to continue working on its marketing strategy to continue convincing banks, credit institutions and governments about the enormous potential of its project.


Add to this the ability of news to generate FUD and the permeability of the small investor to FOMO and it seems inevitable that the near future will be marked by ups and downs in XRP prices.

Will Ripple (XRP) Rise Again?

As of today, it is hard to find serious predictions that do not point to a rise in the price of cryptocurrency tokens in general, and Ripple's coin in particular, by 2023.


Despite being in a clear bear market, history has shown us - on up to three occasions - that bears eventually pass and that the cryptocurrency market always recovers to break back to the top price of all cryptocurrencies with good fundamentals.


That is the case with Ripple (XRP), so there is no doubt that, in the medium to long-term future (many analysts point to five years ahead) Ripple's native currency will again reach a peak price, far surpassing it.


So, although no one has the magic wand to foresee the future, everything suggests that, before 2030, XRP will reach a new maximum price and that, after breaking the $3.90 barrier, it will reach $5.

When to Buy Ripple (XRP)?


Due to the newness of blockchain technology and the very early stage of adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is often said that there is no better time to invest than now.


And no wonder, considering what has happened in the past at times like this - just after the end of a year in the red - since, in the long run, prices always end up going up rather than down.


In the specific case of Ripple, there is a very specific circumstance such as the SEC's decision, given that a negative response could lead to a significant drop in its share price.


As every time there is a risk, this judicial process also represents a huge investment opportunity, since a positive court ruling would lead to an exponential rise in its price.


Be that as it may, considering that the average price of XRP has hovered around the dollar and the prevailing long-term prediction, today and now may be a great time to buy XRP tokens.


What Influences the Course of Ripple (XRP)?

As with BNB's predictions, XRP is also a digital currency that is very permeable to certain influencing factors. Let's see what the main ones are:

  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's court ruling in the litigation against Ripple.
  • RippleNet's level of development and the arrival of new partners on its platform.
  • RippleNet transaction enhancement designed to replace SWIFT system
  • Ripple's increased usability of on-demand liquidity

Where Can I Buy Ripple (XRP)?

The number of platforms where you are allowed to buy and trade Ripple (XRP) is in the dozens. That said, let's take a look at some of the most important ones.


It is the largest, best known and most widely used exchange in the world. According to its founder, and as stated in its bylaws, it stores its clients' tokens in cold wallets and has reserves of around half a million Bitcoins.


This exchange with millions of users around the world is characterized by a friendly interface for new investors and a simple and intuitive system for trading cryptocurrencies. It is, to date, the only exchange that is listed on the stock exchange.


To talk about Kraken is to talk about one of the pioneering cryptocurrency buying, selling and exchange platforms, and also one of the most solid and well-established at international level.


In addition to these three giants of cryptocurrency token trading, it is also possible to buy XRP on other exchanges such as, Poloniex or Bybit, to mention a few more of the many that currently exist.

Conclusion on the Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction

Regardless of what may happen in the court battle between the SEC and Ripple Labs Inc. there is no doubt about the potential of the Ripple project. A company in which it is only possible to invest by buying XRP, its native currency.


As with other cryptocurrencies, XRP's price is not at its best. However, almost every XRP price prediction 2025 points to a turnaround that will allow it to break through resistance at the half-dollar and head towards the dollar later this year.


For all these reasons, and because its adoption rate is still very low, we recommend investing in this currency. Any purchase made at a price below half a dollar is a bargain.


Frequently asked questions about Ripple prediction

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system, currency and cryptocurrency exchange and remittance network designed by Ripple Labs Inc.

No, Ripple (Ripple Labs Inc.) is what the company behind the Ripple project is known as and XRP is the project's cryptocurrency token.

If we take into account both the fundamentals and the technical analysis and the XRP price prediction $500 for the future of Ripple, any time is a good time to buy XRP.

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