Bit2me Staking

Bit2me Staking

The tokens of one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Spain, now available for staking.

Last update: 11/02/2023

Bit2me Staking: Our forecasts for 2023

Bit2me staking is another great option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking for secondary investment methods. Within the platform of the same name, it is now possible to generate profits in this cryptocurrency, in much the same way as traditional investors would generate profits from their dividends. Faced with this alternative, it is worth asking: How can you staking in Bit2me? How much can you earn from these operations? Is Bit2me staking a safe investment option? Here we tell you. 

How does Bit2me staking work?

The first thing in the face of the staking of Bit2meis to understand how it works. This investment method consists of being part of the validation process of the nodes that make up the transactions carried out by the cryptocurrency. As it is based on a PoS process, an optimization is achieved in the amount of operations that are carried out, under penalty of needing validators to be carried out.


This is when Bit2me units participate in the process. Through the functions earnsoperators should deposit their Bit2me units in the pool. Thanks to these, the voting process is delegated to the validation operations, without the user actually losing capital. Once transferred, the user only has to wait for his validators to be selected by the protocol. 


With this, the ecosystem obtains two major benefits: It achieves decentralization of operations, consequently making the Blockchain network more secure. In response, both the validators and those who made the process possible with their "blocks" or "bets" receive a gain in B2M units. 


Although in general terms the platform does not request any type of cost or commission for its use, traders must pay certain commissions to the validators, source of income This is something that should not be overlooked when calculating Bit2me's staking profit. 


  • Platform with great expectations for the future in Spain
  • Staking is performed on our own servers
  • Additional benefits for the use of tokens within Bit2me
  • High level of annual profitability


  • High competition in the market.
  • Low currency price

How much can you get out of Bit2me Staking?

Once it is understood how users perform this procedure, it is necessary to investigate the profits that can be generated as a result of the process. Logically, the benefits of staking will be directly proportional to the number of B2M units blocked in the process. In addition, the more capital introduced, the greater the probability that the validator will be selected by the protocol. 


One of the advantages when determining the earnings of the Staking of Bit2meis that, as it is the official cryptocurrency of a platform exchangeIn addition, these cryptocurrencies can be provided with liquidity in a very fast and simple way. It is worth adding that this Spanish firm has products such as payment cards, so you can pay as soon as a profit is registered.


Finally, as suggested above, from the proceeds received, the validator's fee must be deducted in favor of the validators. In the particular case of Bit2me, a fixed fee of 4% must be deducted from the total earnings of the process. This, although it seems to be a high one, is of the fees of the lowest Blockchain available for staking in the global market. 

Is Bit2me a good option for Staking?

It has been seen that the staking of Bit2me is associated with multiple benefits. Despite this, in order to understand in depth the significance of the staking of this cryptocurrency, it is necessary to bear in mind another series of factors related to the possession and profitability of these operations. Below are some elements to consider:

Bit2me Staking profitability at a glance

For those interested in the profitability of Bit2me's staking, they should know that within this digital ecosystem, the site guarantees an annual profitability of 8.3%. However, based on the provider's website, depending on market conditions and the operator's expertise, these profits can reach up to 20%. 


One of the advantages that must be mentioned in relation to these figures is that the site does not impose maximum or minimum limits on the amount to be deposited within the pool. Thanks to this, and bearing in mind that profits are proportional to the capital supplied, it is possible to say that the right conditions exist for a profitable investment journey.

Bit2me staking history

In the particular case of Bt2me's staking, it is complex to refer to the variations and historical control of the staking. This is not only because the rate of return tends to remain fixed, but also because, unlike other cryptocurrencies like Polkadot or Polygon, Bit2me staking can only be done, of course, within the servers of the Spanish exchange.  


Having said this, and given the short time that these services have been in the market, the best thing to do in view of the historical calculations is to evaluate the performance in the B2M price, as will be explained below. 

Bit2me Staking

General analysis of Bit2me

The B2M cryptocurrency emerges as the main means of payment within the platform. The main attraction of this token is the different functionalities that are granted within the page, to the 80,514 holders of this asset, registered so far within the portal.


The advantages are varied. They range from discounts on services offered by the provider, through access to special features not available to ordinary users (including Bit2me staking), to more complex platform governance actions, as well as being the company's starting point for the DeFI sector. 

B2M staking continuity and growth

As the staking of this cryptocurrency is a process based mainly on the validation of transactions, it is clear that the continuity and growth of the staking will depend to a great extent on the capacity of this asset to penetrate markets around the world. Thus, the more transactions are made, the greater the need for validation. All this, of course, with the consequent increase in the price of B2M units. 

Staking of Bit2me 2023: Evolution of coin prices to date

At the time of writing, B2M units are trading on the exchange for a price of 0.0079 EUR. Although this figure speaks of a cryptocurrency available to all investors, the truth is that it is well below its historical high of 0.04 EUR recorded 10 days after its release on February 15. It is worth saying that the behavior of the cryptocurrency has remained in this price range since October 2022. 

Staking Bit2me

The firm behind Bit2me

Bit2me is a company founded in 2014 founded on the imaginary of promoting and developing Blockchain-based finance around the world. Within this site it is possible to perform exchanges, mining, investment funds, cryptocurrency; all while creating a benign ecosystem for new token issuers. 

The company's goal is to "promote financial freedom", leaving aside the delays of the traditional financial model. Bit2me's units emerge as a mechanism to boost its services, within its own website. It currently brings together 14 of the most interesting cryptocurrencies in the market, with a transaction volume of almost 100 million USD every 24 hours.

Bit2me's evolution over the last few years

Bit2me is a cryptocurrency that was launched on February 10, 2021. As a consequence of this reality, it is clear that it is a project still in its early stages of gestation. Even so, within the performance of the asset, there are two clearly identifiable stages.


The first of them is expressed in the first 10 days when this asset was released to the market, in which it presented an appreciation of 11%. However, since then the cryptocurrency has presented a depreciation trend, all until reaching the values seen today.

Conclusion on Staking Bit2me 2023

After all the elements exposed so far, it is possible to say that the staking of Bit2me seems to be a alternative desirable to invest in. The value of the annual return is one of the highest within the staking options seen in the market today, something that speaks positively of the company's intentions.


Despite this, the cryptocurrency value and its current performance support the thesis that perhaps the best of this digital currency may be in the next few years, which is why we share the opinion that the staking and holding company B2M is a great deal for those with long-term investment strategies.


Currently, there are 3,356,940,000 B2M units in circulation; that is, 67% of the total cryptocurrency stock.

Taking into account the volatility of these assets, the biggest risk is that the value of the cryptocurrency will depreciate in the process of "lock-in". 

Based on the firm's plans, it is possible to maintain positive expectations for B2M going forward. 

Bit2me's Blockchain operates through a PoS response scheme, which guarantees a higher level of scalability and energy optimization. 

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