MANA Staking

MANA Staking

MANA, the cryptocurrency of one of the best developed Metaverse spaces to date, can now be staked.

Last update: 20/02/2023

MANA Staking: Our forecasts for 2023

Within the interesting digital ecosystem offered by Decentraland, it is possible to aspire to generate economic benefits thanks to MANA staking. This method, similar in essence to stock dividends of traditional financial instruments, is set to generate a lucrative investment opportunity for those who decide to bet on it How is Decentraland's MANA staking? How many MANA staking tokens can be obtained? Is Decentraland's staking worth it? All the answers you are looking for in the face of a lucrative investment journey are presented below. 

How does MANA staking work?

The first thing to say about MANA staking is that it is a passive investment method of Decentraland's MANA tokens. As is well known, this investment method consists of holding the units of the cryptocurrency inside a poolThis dynamic is very similar to the interest generated in a bank savings account, or the dividends paid on a traditional company share.


One of the factors that stand out in the case of MANA, is that it is best to make them through wallets guarded by a company, because the transactions are made through the network. Polygon and Ethereum, and not in a Decentraland network itself. For this purpose, it is possible to use the services of Binance Earn or Crypto Earn, where you only have to select the number of coins and the time you are willing to freeze these assets.


As in DAO platforms such as Decentraland, staking helps to keep the system decentralized, giving voice and vote within the decision making of the ecosystem where they are executed.


  • Decentraland is among the best platforms in the Metaverse.
  • Its gaming scheme offers greater liquidity to the staking gains.
  • Little competition in the sector
  • Simple execution process in custodian wallets


  • Low annual profitability
  • Certain doubts regarding ecosystem performance.

How much can you get out of Mana Staking?

MANA 2.0 Staking

Within MANA's Staking topic, it is always worth evaluating the profit possibilities that exist after this process. To evaluate the profits, it is always necessary to start from the conditions, commissions, not only of the platform where you trade, but also of the particularities of the market at a certain moment; as well as, in this particular case, the events of the Decentraland ecosystem.


As is frequent in these cases, the result of the staking process is reflected in additional units of the cryptocurrency, which in this case is MANA. Although this may seem obvious, it is decisive. This is due to the fact that the greatest liquidity of the cryptocurrency occurs within the Decentraland economy, in the purchase of NFTs through smart contracts within its servers.


In this way, profits not only depend on the value of the cryptocurrency units resulting from the process, but also on your ability to buy and invest in land, properties, avatars and even special names within the network; something that in a casuistic way, with the right expertise and the right number of players, can multiply profits.

Is MANA a good choice for Staking?

It has been seen that the crypto staking Mana can generate new units of this currency, which can also be used for further investments within Decentraland's digital ecosystem. Despite this, it is also necessary to evaluate certain factors that may be decisive when carrying out these operations. Some of them are shown below:

Staking MANA's profitability at a glance

The first technical factor to consider in the staking of MANA is precisely its profitability, i.e. the percentage value received in units of this cryptocurrency, after the whole procedure has been carried out, based on the amount of initial units deposited in the pool. 


Within the main sites that allow these operations, a weighting of 0.75% to 5% of annual profitability is offered, a figure that may vary depending on the platform and market conditions at the time of trading. Such is the case of Binance Earn, where the staking of 1000 MANA units will result in an approximate profit of 7.48 MANA after 1 year. 


Platforms such as Bitrue offer the best case scenario with variable rates, something worth considering for those who are willing to step out of the ordinary and try their luck in markets outside of Binance.  

MANA staking history

In order to determine MANA's staking history, it is necessary for each user to consult the rates displayed on their selected staking platform. This is because the APR subject to each currency and investment period is updated daily, all depending on the variables already described here. It is worth to say that, at least regarding the weightings seen in MANA in Binance, they have presented a trend to the quotation of 0.75%

General analysis of MANA

Mana is presented as the main mechanism for payment and exchange of goods in the Decentraland ecosystem. Based on a system earn-to-playHere players are introduced into the world of the metaverse, in a dynamic of social interaction, where they can acquire land, properties, clothes, decorations for real estate, and more. 


The focus of the platform is that non-fungible token transactions can be made through smart contracts. This is why transactions are carried out on the Ethereum Blockchain, or through the Polygon network to acquire certain unique goods, such as most avatar apparel, icons and so on.

Staking continuity and growth

As mentioned above, the dynamics of MANA staking responds to a large number of variables and conditions, and there are a large number of factors to consider in relation to the platform from which it proceeds.


Despite this, since we are in the presence of a earn to play, The scalability and growth of the staking will depend to a great extent on the number of players that gather within the Decentraland servers, as well as the commercial activity within the NFTs offered there. It is worth saying that the higher the level of transaction, the greater the incentives to make stakingand better profit rates will be offered within the systems. exchanges.

MANA 2023 Staking: Evolution of currency prices to date

As is well known, the price of cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile values, associated with sharp corrections in a matter of a very short time. At the time of writing, the price of MANA units is 0.69 USD. Given that the price of the currency can vary while the cryptocurrency units remain "locked", it is worth evaluating certain factors with respect to its behavior. 

The firm behind MANA

The concept of Decentraland was born in 2015 under the imaginary of Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich. The objective of the foundation is the development of video games through the iconic interaction model proposed by the metaverse, but enhanced with the benefits of Blockchain technology. Although the official launch of the platform had to wait until 2020, Decentraland is along with SandBoxthe most solid project of its kind. 

MANA's evolution in recent years

MANA units have been listed on major cryptocurrency exchange sites since 2017, when their value was weighted at 0.02 USD. In October 2021, the foundation experienced its best moment when it began its climb to its all-time high of 5.16 USD. Despite this, throughout 2022, as a result of market conditions, the currency's trend was towards depreciation. 


This brought it from USD 3.25 since January 1, 2022, to USD 0.30. During 2023, MANA units have shown a positive trend, reaching the values seen today. 

MANA 5.0 Staking

MANA 2023 Staking Conclusion

When making an investment, it is always necessary to consider the convenience of an operation, in view of the investment strategy set, as well as the projections and expectations of future profits. In the case study, we share the idea that MANA staking is a good alternative for those who enjoy the dynamics of the game, as well as for those who can allocate a large sum to the process.


Perhaps the greatest advantage is the possibility of making investments within the ecosystem, which, if exploited to its full potential in the coming years, would result in an invaluable investment opportunity.


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There are currently 1,855,084,192 units in circulation.

This depends on each platform. While some offer terms of up to 7 days, others allow staking for up to 1 year.

Although it is difficult to determine the timing, it seems highly feasible that, as the Metaverse takes shape.

Based on its dependence on the Ethereum and Polygon systems, it is possible to say that we are in the presence of a PoS scheme. 

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