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One of the most interesting projects in the crypto world, now available for secondary staking investments.

Last update: 20/02/2023

Polygon's Staking: Our forecasts for 2023

The world of cryptocurrencies is very wide, so there are multiple options to be considered before investing. In this opportunity we will see the predictions for this 2023 from the Polygon Staking (MATIC), where we will address the potential of this cryptocurrency; all in favor of evaluating its viability when making a profitable investment in the future. Stay to ponder its performance, safer strategies, as well as the details that may interact with the price of the currency in 2023.

How does Polygon staking work?

Staking Polygon (MATIC) has a sidechain operation or sidechain. This allows it to connect to Ethereum with greater scalability. The MATIC-designed network has the ability to patch Ethereum's processing issues, using a proof-of-stake model to engage a consensus mechanism


Polygon staking is about being part of the verification mechanism used by the PoS protocol, also known as Proof of Stake, being an alternative method for obtaining cryptocurrencies. Interested users will be able to staking to sustain the decentralized network and validation of transactions, thus obtaining great benefits. 


On the other hand, Polygon holders are able to earn rewards by commissioning tokens to a staking pool by managing their own or being tutored by other users. For its part, Ouroboros is the consensus mechanism used by this cryptocurrencyThe SPO (Stake Pool Operators) and delegators. 


  • Good support from the crypto community
  • Good annual profitability
  • Fast and simple process in custodian wallets
  • Good to moderate forecast


  • Better staking options are possible
  • Low value in currency, which translates to staking gains

How much can you get out of Polygon's Staking?

When staking with Polygon, it is possible to be a recipient of APY 9,50% depending on the staking pool chosen and the way in which the trade is performed in order to make a profit. There are even rewards offered for holding Polygon MATIC in wallets, making it one of the most attractive options in today's cryptocurrency markets. 

Is Polygon a good choice for Staking?

Polygon MATIC staking are fully secured by a network of validators, this makes it one of the best coins at the moment, as it can validate up to 65,000 transactions per second, making it possible to complete Ethereum networks more efficiently. 


Another striking feature of MATIC staking is its delegates who place a single coin to participate in the network, while other stakings require a minimum of two coins; it also has an annual reward linked to the amount of coins that are used for staking, with an APY limit of 14% for this coin. 


To all this, we must include the advantages of using Proof of Skate as its consensus method, as it allows the user to produce rewards by collaborating with security reinforcement, thus contributing to the production of much more trustworthy Blockchain networks.

Polygon's Staking Performance at a Glance

When it comes to the performance of the Polygon MATIC Staking we can say that today it is located between $1.19 and $1.26 USD, registering in 24 hours a trading volume of $638.04 USD. 


This translates at the time of writing, into a -3.91% increase for MATIC in the last 24 hours, furthermore, it is timely to add that being at -2.93% it reached its all-time weekly high of $1.28 USD, while its 7-day all-time low is $1.07 USD, i.e. at a 16, 43%.

Polygon's staking history

Polygon is an open source design with a decentralized team of developers from the MATIC network. It was created to solve a collective scaling to Ethereum using a version of Plasma with contiguous chains cemented in PoS. To this we must add the association with projects such as MacerADO and DecentralandThis has given them the confidence of investors. 


Co-founder Jaynti Kanai, who is the technological architect of the staking PolygonIn addition, as Chief Data Officer, he helped secure India's leading home search platform. 


Meanwhile, Anurag Arjun, COO Sandeep Naiwail and also co-founder is an experienced project manager, who is responsible for coordinating the MATIC product roadmap, to ensure a vast XBRL experience. While Mihailo Bjelic is the other co-founder and developer of the system.

General analysis of Polygon

As noted above, the staking Polygon is software that builds sidechains to operate alongside Ethereum's main Ethereum blocks, where users vote on updates and wager MATIC Tokens. The methods of sidechain scalability are:

Staking continuity and growth

Polygon MATIC staking, presented an increase in 2 months of 2,236% after its relaunch. As is often the case in the world of cryptocurrencies, its price can fluctuate, but recent trends have confirmed a firming with slight increases of up to 86% in each month's cut following temporary price drops. 


The MATIC staking Polygon for this 2023, is one of the most important cryptocurrencies is generating the greatest expectations, as a substantial increase in its price is expected for the second half of the year, which could reach $1.88 USD.


Likewise, it should be noted that its increase will be gradual, but no significant drops are expected, positioning it at an average of $1.75 USD, thanks to future collaborations and advances. The minimum price is expected to be $1.50 USD.

Polygon 2023 Staking: Evolution of currency prices to date

Polygon 3.0 Staking

Since staking profits are earned in Polygon units, it is necessary to understand the price of the currency. The current market capitalization stands at $11,265,819,526 USD. Over the past year the price was -38,70%, with the highest price history being $1.94 USD, while the lowest presented by MATIC was $0.40 USD. 

The firm behind Polygon

Polygon was created in 2017 in India, originally receiving the name MATIC Network, starting to operate as such in 2020. Then, by February 2021, MATIC, changes its name to Polygon, raising in its initial offering $5.6 million in Ethereum; in a period of 20 days they managed to sell $1.9 million, thus attracting important figures in the world of finance.

Polygon's evolution in recent years

Polygon has functions with a much lower cost to perform multi-chain transactions, optimizing its delay time, providing users with a user-friendly interface.


To this end, over the years, it has implemented schemes that position it as the most stable option on the market for 2023. As the first Polygon PoS, it saves costs and increases the speed of layer solution operations.


On the other hand, Polygon Hermez is the scaling solution, which offers users to add their personal functions to the sidechain, and then assimilate larger blockchains. Which is an ideal option for users who are betting on practices and profit making.


Finally, in its evolution Polygon Nightfall has been incorporated, its design works for the reduction of chain security and privacy compromise. Focusing on the area of transaction solutions.

Conclusion on Polygon 2023 Staking

After an exhaustive analysis, we can conclude that we are facing an investment that we should consider if we want to obtain benefits, since it is on a good hiring streak. It is estimated that there are more than 6500 decentralized applications that work within the platformThis minimizes the possibility of stagnation.


Currently, there are 7.6 million and 10 billion MATIC tokens in circulation, which places the Staking Polygon in the category of promising investments with a mostly stable market, as MATIC now capitalizes as one of the most important tokens in circulation.


They have a limited quantity of 10 billion units, although 6.3 billion units are currently in circulation.

Polygon MATIC is one of the cryptocurrencies with which it is possible to staking in Binance, being able to obtain a yield of up to 40%.

Polygon is expected to reach a value of USD $1.80 by the second half of the year.

Currently, installing the Polygon application on your Ledger allows you to manage MATIC tokens. So it is possible to staking Polygon with Ledger.

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