TRON Staking

TRON Staking

The open source ledger project for web 3.0, with high potential for the future.

Last update: 20/02/2023

TRON Staking: Our forecasts for 2023

TRON staking presents itself as an excellent option for additional earnings. Since its appearance in 2017, the TRON crypto ecosystem presents itself as a tempting buying option. Despite this, and starting from its great potential, there is no reason to think that buying and exchanging digital coins for TRX is the only way to generate profits. For staking enthusiasts it is worth asking the question: Is this investment method worth it? Can I stak TRON on eToro? How can I stak TRON eToro? All the answers you are looking for are displayed below. 

How does TRON staking work?

The first thing to understand about TRON staking is that its nature and dynamics are not very different from those seen in other cryptocurrencies. That said, the process consists of being part of the verification process of cryptocurrencies, all thanks to its PoS consensus, which guarantees better performance and scalability compared to PoW ecosystems. 



The focus of this process is for Internet users to "delegate" or "bet" their TRX units in a pool cryptocurrencies managed by third parties, or being themselves the validators within the ecosystem. All this under the Ouroboros protocolized system, made up in turn of delegators (those who delegate their coins), and Stake Pool Operators ((the ones in charge of ultimately executing the verification process). 



It is called a bet, because it is the protocol, even with nomination of the investor, which randomly selects the next one to add units to the chain. Upon completion of this process, those involved receive TRX units. This process is required by the ecosystem, as it is one of the best ways to keep the system decentralized, and validate operations in a much faster and more efficient way. 


  • Platform with great expectations for the future
  • Ecosystem with high profit potential
  • Staking of simple procedure
  • Positive context in the future


  • Comes from a complex 2022
  • It is possible to achieve better returns in the market

How much can you get out of Staking TRON?

Given that it is a secondary investment system, it is more than logical to ask how much profit can be made on a day's trading. TRON Staking. The determining factor for this is to understand that it will depend on the terms of each custodian wallet (if any), and the global cryptocurrency market conditions. 


There are platforms where gains can be quoted at up to 20% of the original investment frozen in the pool. Others, such as the TRON staking in Ledger, offer a reward based directly on the validator's performance, all on a case-by-case basis. 


It is also worth noting that, as the rewards of the process are earned on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on the options in the pool), it is always necessary to start from the price of TRX units when generating new operations, especially if the investor intends to exchange them for money. fiat

Is TRON a good choice for Staking?

At first glance, TRON's staking seems to be one of the great options for those seeking to make passive investments in the world of cryptocurrencies. Despite this, knowing its dynamics and profit potential, although they are certainly the two most relevant data, other aspects need to be taken into consideration for a deeper analysis. Here are some of them.

TRON Staking profitability at a glance

Profitability in the staking world refers to the percentage rate that is reflected in profits, once the whole process of nomination and validation of the units has been completed. It is worth mentioning that in the case of certain cryptocurrencies and platforms, it is possible to achieve figures in excess of 80% of return, a factor that explains its high costly value. 

What is the particular case of TRON? Based on the information provided by platforms such as Ledger and Bit2me, it is possible to say that the average return of staking of TRON has an annual percentage yield of 5%. However, this should always be based on conditions that may change from platform to platform. However, TRON's staking on eToro, weighted on a monthly reward yield percentage, ranges from 75%, up to 90%, depending on the trader's account level. 

TRON staking history

Based on the passive investment dynamics that TRON extends, it is difficult to speak with any certainty about the track record, especially since, as mentioned above, everything depends on the terms and conditions of each pool, market conditions, the performance of validators, and the nature of the wallet in which they work. Despite this, the variation in average annual earnings has varied, from one ecosystem to another, between 3% and 6.5%. 

General analysis of TRON

TRON is a cryptographic ecosystem based on Blockchain technology, focused on the consolidation and propagation of these technologies worldwide. It is based on a PoS system. This makes the network present certain characteristics that make it stand out, especially in those projects based on PoW systems.


The first of them is undoubtedly its scalability, since it works through validators, and not through the typical PoW nodes, it achieves a higher number of operations per second, while it also creates an ecosystem where the decisions of investors have a higher rate of governance within the network.

TRON Staking

TRON staking continuity and growth

Although it can be extremely convenient and lucrative, one cannot lose sight of the fact that the growth and continuity of the staking depends on the level of adoption, liquidity, and number of transactions carried by the ecosystem. This is because the greater the number of transactions, the greater the number of validators required, giving consequently greater "betting" opportunities. 


For a more exhaustive examination, it is always necessary to analyze the values of the currency at the time of trading, as well as the particular conditions of the network and the particularities of the cryptographic world at any given time. 

TRON 2023 Staking: Evolution of currency prices to date

TRON 3.0 Staking

At the time of writing, TRX units are priced on at least 130 platforms. exchange from all over the world for a price of 0.066 USD. It is worth mentioning that in order to staking TRON, only one unit of this cryptocurrency can be used in certain pages, which is why it is a viable investment for the majority of Internet users.

It is worth noting that since November 2022, this cryptocurrency has presented an upward trend, going from USD 0.050, to the price seen up to the time of writing; all this, however, far from its historical highs. 

The firm behind the staking of TRON

When talking about TRON's staking, one cannot lose sight of the developer firm's objective. Based on the words of H.E. Justin Sun, it can be said that TRON is a foundation that seeks to encourage and promote the decentralization of the Internet, through the exploitation of the benefits of the Blockchain. 


Based on its primary objectives, it is no small feat that the platform achieved a DAO scheme governed solely by the community belonging to the TRON ecosystem. Thanks to these high levels of transparency and trustworthiness, this space came to host the largest number of stablecoins by 2021, surpassing even USDT and Ethereum. 

TRON Staking

Evolution of TRON in recent years

To understand the fluctuations in TRON's staking, it is desirable to understand the historical performance of FTX. It may be that the first major milestone recorded by this firm was the confidence with which it was received by its investors in the market. From its release in November 2017, until April the following year, the cryptocurrency recorded its all-time high of USD 0.2 a unit.


Despite this, prices would fall and remain with a resistance level around USD 0.03 until January 2021, year in which Bitcoin in turn managed to boost the market cryptocurrency as it had never done before. Since then, a new era began for the cryptocurrency that would revolutionize it to 0.15 USD a unit. Although the coin was affected by the industry crash in 2022, TRON has managed to stay around 0.05 USD, growing to the current values seen at the time of writing. 

Conclusion on Staking of TRON 2023

After the elements considered, the opinion is shared that TRON presents worthy characteristics to be considered as a staking option. While it is true that it is possible to get cryptocurrencies with a higher yield, its current price and the requirement of a single coin, make it a viable alternative for most investors.

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Currently, there are 91,740,926,838 TRON units in circulation in the market. Only one million coins are not circulating on the exchange platforms.

The TRON ecosystem can execute 2,000 operations per second.

Although it is difficult to determine in what proportion, there are objective indications that point to currency appreciation in the future.

Yes, it is possible to staking TRON through Binance Earn.

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