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How to invest in Tesla 2023: A detailed guide with the best brokers

For digital finance enthusiasts, how to invest in Tesla has become one of the biggest questions of the moment. Since its founding in 2003 by Elon Musk, the automaker focused on electric and self-driving vehicles has taken a leading role, all the way to reaching the top 10 of the highest market capitalization companies on Wall Street.


Interested in investing in Tesla? Here we tell you what you should take into consideration, and how to do it step by step. 


  • The largest electric car company
  • Diversified production model
  • Good opportunity for investors
  • High prospects for the future
  • Present in most broker platforms.


  • Doubts in its management scheme.
  • The current price is well below the historical high.

Choosing the best broker to buy Tesla shares

Tesla in the world's leading brokers.

Choosing the best broker to buy Tesla shares

Before addressing the question of "how to invest in Tesla stock", one should first address the question of "where to buy Tesla stock". The first factor to consider is that users will have to select a broker for the minority investment of stocks and financial securities.

Brokerage platforms are websites that act as intermediaries between the world's major stock markets and retail investors. It should be remembered that before the appearance of these servers, the acquisition of these assets was reserved only for people with large amounts of capital. 

It is worth noting that these pages not only allows you to buy shares of Teslabut gives access to even more than 5,000 shares of companies from all over the world. In addition, it has become common to get as many others that also include access to cryptocurrencies, ETFs, forex trading, and much more.


As these servers are intended for retail trading, it is possible to invest only in fractions of these assets.

How to buy Tesla shares

In order to buy Tesla shares in Spain, we are of the opinion that prospective investors should take certain steps before plunging into the stock markets. That's why here are some tips, as well as some of the best platforms on which to buy Tesla stock this 2023. 

1.- eToro

Founded in 2007, eToro has become one of the most popular platforms among users.. When faced with the question of how to invest in Tesla, eToro offers multiple alternatives.


The first thing to say is that this is an extremely complete page, since it includes 3117 financial securities, 73 cryptocurrenciesThe portfolio includes 26 commodities, 49 forex currencies, 20 indices and 317 ETFs. All this makes it possible to invest in Tesla, adding up to a diversified portfolio.

Tesla electric cars


Another factor that attracts eToro's attention, is the presence of other very specific functions. Among them, it is worth mentioning the presence of the social trading where users can invest based on market trends, as well as the copy portfolioeToro's proprietary trading platform, which allows the possibility to instantly invest in a portfolio of assets pre-designed by eToro's experts. 

2.- Capital. com

Capital.com is another great option for those who want to invest in Tesla.

Investment dynamics seen in this financial ecosystem is not very different from that seen in the previous case.. Within these servers, you can bet on 2976 stocks of companies from all over the world, 21 indices, 140 cryptocurrencies, 23 commodities and 124 currencies for forex trading enthusiasts.


To evaluate Tesla's stock price, Capital.com. also includes 70 indexes and technical tools for users to use to not only visualize the performance of these actions, but also to generate their own criteria regarding the performance of their actions.


As in the previous case, the page includes access to demo accounts, as well as the possibility to generate investment from a native app.

Tesla Company Analysis

Tesla's actions are continuously marked by the pursuit of innovation and development.


Tesla is focused on technological progress in the automotive sector driven by electric power supplies.


The company's top performers are the Model S, Model 3, Model X, as well as its Model Y automobile. As is well known, the company's main attraction is the creation of self-driving vehicles that can be relatively accessible to everyone. 

What is the Company's Vision?

For those thinking about how to invest in Tesla, it is always necessary to keep in mind the vision with which the company is starting out.


When asked about the company's vision, Elon Musk commented: "to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the global transition to electric vehicles.".


Considering that by 2023 Tesla will be in the top 10 companies with the largest market capitalization in the world, it is clear that the company has come a long way.


As for his mission, the former richest man in history has stated that the goal is to "accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation by bringing mass-market attractive electric cars to market as soon as possible.".


This is of utmost importance for investors, since the behavior of a stock linked to a company based mainly on luxury is not the same as those aimed at selling goods on a massive scale.

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Tesla operating model

What has been mentioned so far should not be understood as a presumption that Tesla is a company that disregards the importance of social statusor that undervalues the driving experience in favor of mass distribution of its products.


Tesla is itself a company that sells prestige to its customers. For shareholders, this translates into increased demand, which in turn generates bullish projections for the company's stock going forward. 


Despite this, for the operating model of Elon Musk's company, one of the most relevant factors is precisely sustainability. of its production model. It is important to note that, while the manufacturing of a vehicle was priced at USD 86,000 for the company, this figure will barely reach USD 40,000 by 2022.


This is paramount for cost reduction and mass productivity of the company.

Value of Tesla shares

Faced with the question of how to invest in Tesla, it is important to say that at the time of writing, the stock is listed on the world's major financial markets, by a value of USD 128.78. On this basis, it is worthwhile to analyze the qualitative factors underlying this quotation.

Strengths and weaknesses in Tesla's stock.

Tesla's shares have the great advantage of being underpinned by a solidly built production model, with the next few years in mind.


By investing in the company, unique ideas are being pursued which, although it is true that they have competition in the market, thanks to their characteristic features, make the company rise to another level with respect to its counterparts.


Even with this, the actions of Tesla must grapple with certain question marks for the next few decades.


Among them are the investigations conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice regarding several accidents in which the options of autopilot The company's operations seem to have been operational, as well as other questions regarding raw materials, such as lithium, which is so necessary for its batteries, and for which the global extraction rate seems to be in deficit with respect to demand. 

Future Plans That Interact with the Coca-Cola Stock Price

Like any company based on innovation and development, Tesla has a very clear agenda for the next five years. During a conference extended by the financial firm Goldman Sachs, company executive Martin Viecha has set a series of milestones to be met in the coming years that, if fulfilled, could have a significant impact on the company's stock.


By investing in Tesla, it is betting on other development niches based on electric technology and solar energy. Perhaps the most talked about is Optimus, the humanoid robot designed to take care of household chores.. Although it is expected to be launched on the market in 2027, it is keeping major investors on tenterhooks. Other projects such as autonomous cabs are also in early stages of development.


However, Tesla should be wary of other companies looking to make electric cars by focusing on heavier vehicles, such as. Rivian.

Historical Data and Market Trends

When investing in Tesla, it is necessary to make certain inquiries regarding the company's stock performance as well as its historical performance. When faced with the question of how to invest in Tesla, it is clear that current values are well below their historical highs 407.36 USD as of November 5, 2021.


Since September 2022, purchase prices on Tesla shares have been falling, sometimes by leaps and bounds.


There are several factors that explain this reality. It may be that most important are the doubts about Elon Musk's managerial ability.which, as is known, acquired Twitter for USD 44 billion.


Many question his approach at Tesla after this, more so when the production plants in China do not seem to have registered the desired results.


It is also worth adding that for the purchase of the social network, Musk used part of his shares of Tesla, something that was very much frowned upon by the company's investors.. To all these factors must be added the risks of recession in the world economy, as well as the increase in interest rates, which have a direct influence on the psychology of investors at a global level. 

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Factors That Can Alter the Coca-Cola Stock Prices in the Short-Term

For those who are wondering how to invest in Tesla, it is important to take into consideration that, in response to the firm's business model, which is in a continuous process of trial and error in its products.In addition, the shares have a high tendency to volatility.


In addition, it is worth noting that the company will be presenting its annual report on January 25, 2023. This is of great importance, given the negative factors that the company has experienced in recent months, the information released will have a direct and immediate effect on the direction in which Tesla's stock price to be presented to the stock exchange in the coming months.

Open an account and buy Tesla shares

For those wondering how to invest in Tesla from Spain, it will be good news to know that the process is extremely simple, being almost identical on most servers, and can be completed in a matter of a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1.- Open an Account with a Registered Operator

The first thing to do is to contact your licensed brokerand click on "register". in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you will need to fill out the form with your personal information, as well as a short form with your previous financial experiences. It is recommended to be as honest as possible.

2.- Verification of Accounts

To satisfy this request, a photo of a national identification document must be sent. where the data described therein can be read efficiently. Please note that this process can take up to 48 hours, and that withdrawals cannot be made until it is completed.

3.- Deposit Funds

Next, you will need to add capital to your account through the methods available from the brokerage firm. Note that each site has its own minimum amounts, and that waiting times vary from one mechanism to another. Digital wallets seem to be particularly benign. 

4.- Locating Tesla shares

To invest in Tesla, all you have to do is use search engines to locate the company's shares. You can do so through the full name, or through its acronym TSLA.

5.- Buy Tesla shares

Finally, you only need to select "buy" or "invest in Tesla shares".. A pop-up window will open where the transaction parameters must be added, including amount to invest, leverage, etc. By selecting "open position" you will have successfully invested in Tesla.

How to invest in Tesla: Final conclusions

When asked the question "How to invest in Tesla? There are certain elements to be considered by users. We are of the opinion that buying Tesla stock may not be benign for every type of user, nor for every investment strategy. Once again, the fact that these securities are particularly volatile and, if the necessary expertise is not available, could result in losses for users.


Based on the business model, as well as the current share price, investing in Tesla may be a good idea for those with long-term strategies.as well as a financial muscle capable of tolerating risks. Finally, we are of the opinion that eToro presents the right tools to offer a harmonious and intuitive trading experience, I can trade Tesla in a very short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Growth in the company's share price seems feasible, especially in the long term.

No. Investing in Tesla offers no dividend.

Thanks to the options broker platforms, it is not necessary to buy the whole share. Fractions can be purchased for amounts up to 1 EUR.

Tesla's shares are initially listed on the NASDAQ and the S&P 500.