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Buying shares in McDonalds 2023: A detailed guide with the best brokers

Buying shares in McDonald's is one of the safest financial moves available today. Formally founded as a company in 1955, McDonald's has become the world's largest fast food chain. With more than 25,000 restaurants, and 300,000 employees globally, its business model has captivated investors around the world over the decades. With this in mind, it is worth asking the question: How do you buy McDonald's stock? How much are McDonald's dividends?How much is a McDonalds share worth?? Here we tell you.


  • One of the best positioned brands in the global market.
  • A company that knows how to deal with difficult contexts.
  • Tendency to stability.
  • Dividend stocks.
  • Diversified business model.


  • Slow appreciation.
  • High competition in the market.
  • Main income from franchises.

Choosing the best broker to buy McDonalds shares

mcdonalds buy shares

The first thing that traders who want to buy shares in McDonalds should know is that they will have to carry out this operation through a broker platform. These are nothing more than websites that serve as intermediaries between the global stock markets and minority shareholders around the world.


The remarkable thing about these sites is that most of them offer the possibility of investing in fractional shares. Consider the case of Berkshire Hathaway, which quotes USD 469,645 per share. Through these pages you can buy only a fraction of the company's shares, making it accessible to the budget of most digital investors. In addition to this, many include the possibility of investment in cryptocurrenciesETFs, commodities and much more.


Beyond the fact that the web portal may have the McDonalds sharesWhen selecting a specific site, it is necessary to evaluate certain criteria. The first of these is the presence of a license from a governmental entity. In addition, the existence of multiple deposit and withdrawal methods are also an aspect to consider. At the same time, other aspects such as customer support systems, the possibility of downloading an app and the convenience of the interface are other aspects to be satisfied by the provider company.


How to buy shares in McDonalds

The iconic hamburger, which first appeared in 1948 by Maurice and Richard McDonald, captivated diners from the very first moment. The ingenuity that gave rise to the great international success was its optimized system. The company's characteristic feature is to be able to deliver a quality hamburger through a meticulous production process, capable of offering a quality result in a very short time.


Before purchasing McDonald's shares in any of the recommended brokers it is then necessary for prospective investors to take into account certain aspects that can directly influence the performance and outcome of their investments. Some of them are: 

1.- eToro

For those who want to buy shares in McDonalds, eToro presents itself as one of the most solid options available today. The first thing that jumps out is that trades are free of any commissions. In addition, over 3,000 stocks are included on the site, as well as cryptocurrency markets, commodities, indexes and more. Within the server, several payment methods are included, such as PayPal and credit cards.

2.- Libertex

Libertex is another great option for users to bet on DCM on the stock market. The main attraction of this site is that it focuses on CFD operations (contracts for difference), which is ideal because, although it is associated with higher risks, it can optimize the profits of the trader. titles with a tendency to stability, as is the case of McDonalds. Within the site you can find multiple markets, with solid sponsors such as FC. Bayern Munich.

Basic information about McDonald's 

With the appearance of Ray Krok in 1954, the expansion of what would become the largest fast food company of all time began. Nine years later, McDonalds would try its luck for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange on April 21, 1965. As mentioned above, McDonalds is more than just a company dedicated to selling hamburgers; its management model goes far beyond that. Below are the most noteworthy elements.

What is the Company's Vision?

For those looking to buy McDonalds stock, it will be pertinent to know that the company is founded on its slogan "to be the preferred place and the preferred way of eating for its customers". To consolidate this objective, the company starts from 4 guiding principles: Quality, service, cleanliness and value. Under these pillars, the company seeks, more than feeding people, to generate an experience in each visit. 


It is important to take into account that McDonalds is a company that cares about social responsibility, which is why one of its objectives is to guarantee sustainability in the extraction of each of its ingredients, generate a positive impact on the conservation of the environment; and finally investing in human capitalThe company's commitment to the environment and the environment, in order to generate feedback between the company, its employees and society. 

McDonalds operating model

One of the aspects that stands out when evaluating a McDonalds share is the business system on which it is based. Far from what one might think, only 7% of McDonalds restaurants worldwide depend on the direct management of the company. For this, it is necessary to understand the three cornerstones of the business model of the giant with the yellow "M".


McDonalds' main source of income is franchising and real estate. The bulk of the firm's earnings come from the licenses and permits it obtains as an international franchisor. What McDonalds does is to extend the name and the authorization, as well as to rent the real estate and the land of the restaurant. Although the management of the premises remains at the discretion of the buyer, this still generates passive income for the parent company, as well as a direct link to the production standards proposed by McDonalds.


Its second aspect is the employee management model, since it is the company itself that is responsible for the training of its personnel, in favor of a methodical production process; and finally the investments of McDonalds, in favor of guaranteeing by the company the supply of each of the ingredients used in its offer. 

Value of McDonalds shares

For the time of writingMcDonalds shares are listed on the main stock market indexes around the world at a value of 268.67 USD. It is worth mentioning that, although its value has presented certain fluctuations during the last month, the company has just registered on November 4, 2022, new historical highs of 274.62 USD, figures very close to the current ones, which eventually speak of the good moment the company is going through. Below are some highlights when buying shares in McDonalds. 

Strengths of buying McDonalds shares

In the world, large firms such as Vanguard Group, J.P Morgan, and even Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, trust in the shares of McDonalds, and its acquisition is linked to multiple benefits. The first of these is precisely its positioning in the market, although there is strong competition from other firms such as Burger King or Wendy's, the truth is that it can be said that we are in the presence of the leading fast food company.


Another factor to consider is that McDonalds is a company that knows how to reinvent itself. It is necessary to say that the great growth in the price of McDonalds shares registered in the last months, is presented in a moment marked by fears of economic recession at international level, high interest rates, but above all, in the inflation indexes, which have been presented as one of the greatest challenges to overcome in the industry. This speaks of the great strength of these securities, even in the worst scenarios.

Future Plans That Interact with the Coca-Cola Stock Price

The company's future plans include further progress in the adoption of its digital payment methods. This allows users to have a greater level of flexibility when buying and consuming within the franchise. In addition, McDonalds is intensifying its local "cafés", which have had a great acceptance, especially in countries such as Australia and the United States. 

Historical Data and Market Trends

McDonalds shares are on an upward trend. While it is true that in February 2020 they marked a sharp drop, going from 213USD, to 163.74 USD in just one month, the fast food giant's shares did not take long to embark on their growth path. During 2022, Mcdonald's shares grew by 5.56%, while in 2021 they grew by 25.6%.


It is worth noting again that the company registered new historical highs of 274.62 USD in November 2022, as a consequence of the increase in sales, associated with the new innovations implemented by the company in its purchasing dynamics. In the last 10 years, these securities have presented an increase of 198.8%. 

Factors That Can Alter the Coca-Cola Stock Prices in the Short-Term

While certainly buying this company's stock appears to be subject to multiple benefits, there are certain elements that investors should keep in mind when purchasing this stock.


Perhaps the most important is international inflation levels, as well as the price of commodities. commodities. It is worth noting that the upward trend in prices, despite having been efficiently managed by the company, still maintains the possibility of increasing production costs. In addition to this, the economic growth projectionsThe impact on the consumption pattern of people can either encourage or discourage shareholders, which will have a direct effect on the company's shares.

Open an account and buy shares at McDonalds

After having analyzed the most outstanding factors that revolve around the price of McDonalds shares, it is worth studying the steps to be taken by those users who wish to invest in them. It is worthwhile to study the steps that must be carried out by those users who wish to invest in them. Fortunately, the process within the retail trading platforms resemble each other, taking no more than 10 minutes to complete. Here is a quick guide to investing.

1.- Open an Account with a Registered Operator

The first step is to go to your trusted provider and log in. If you have not yet subscribed, you can do so by clicking on the "register" button in the upper right corner of your monitor. The page will then display a form where you will have to enter your personal information.

2.- Verification of Accounts 

Please note that you will not be able to make any withdrawals or enjoy other functions on the site until you have certified your account. For this, you will need to provide an identity document where the data is legibly displayed. The broker may require up to 48 hours to complete the process. 

3.- Deposit Funds

To purchase McDonald's shares, you will need to deposit a capital sum. For this, you can use any available online transfer method. Among the most typical options are international credit cards, wallets such as Neteller, PayPal or Skrill, as well as many others, such as cryptocurrencies and systems like Paysafecard.

4.- Locating McDonalds shares

Once the above instances are satisfied, just search for "McDonald's" or "MCD" in the search engines. You will be able to see the tab for the company's titles with their performance updated in real time.

5.- Buy McDonalds shares

All you have to do is dive into the financial experience of Mcdonalds stock exchange. The pop-up window will display the figure for each Mcdonalds share, or the amount attributed to the fractions of the stock in such a case. Here you should perform leverage measures if you wish to do so. By pressing "open position" you will have successfully acquired your DCM titles. 

The McDonalds Company: Final Conclusions

When generating an investment in the securities of this company, an introspective examination of the investment strategy should be made, as well as the short, medium and long term profit expectations. For those who want to endow their portfolio with high value stocks, with a certain tendency to stability, it is shared the opinion that McDonalds shares are a good alternative.


As we have seen, the fast food giant is a company with a high reinvestment capacity, being able to revalue even in the face of negative economic scenarios. Although it is not possible to see a deep appreciation of these stocks in the short term, it is possible to visualize a great growth in the coming years. In short, if you are an investor looking for shares with slow but sure mobility towards appreciation, buying McDonald's shares seems to be a more than desirable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

McDonald's stock is on a continuing growth trend. Although its performance is slower than others, there are objective reasons to bet on it.

McDonalds shares are presented in a large number of stock market indexes. However, the most relevant are the S&P 500, Dow Jones and DJ Composite. 

This depends on the policies of each firm or investment platform. While some require buying a full share, others allow fractional purchases of only 1 USD.

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