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Meta prediction 2023 Will it be a success? Or a failure?

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  • Excellent fundamentals
  • Worldwide recognition and prestige
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  • The first vaccine against COVID


  • Its price has been falling
  • Involved in many controversies
  • Many competitors

What is Meta Platform Inc? Meta Prediction and 30-Year Current Forecast

goal prognosis

Facebook (META) is a technology corporation, a leader in the segment of innovative technologies that is developing and launching products in the areas of communications, virtual and mixed realities, software and hardware products.


In October 2021, the company, formerly Facebook, changed its name to META and embarked on a course of Metaverse development as. Decentraland. The corporation's structure includes Oculus, one of the leading AR/VR developers. The corporation is also involved in the development of proprietary cryptocurrency platforms.

Current forecast goal Facebook

Prior to September 2021, the Meta price chart showed an upward movement with short-term but deep declines. Since the fall of 2021, the company has been going through a difficult period related to numerous scandals due to user data leakage, lack of profitability of the division in charge of metaverses, etc. 


During this period, the stock price fell more than 60% . Some analysts see this as an opportunity to buy shares at the lower price. However, will META shares be able to return to the previous level?


When forecasting the price of Facebook, the following are used technical analysis toolsIn addition, global geopolitical and news factors are taken into account. The results of the Meta Platform stock forecast are shown below and are presented in the form of table and text information, divided into time intervals.

Meta Platforms Inc: Meta forecasting and analysis

Meta Stock has been very volatile for almost a year. In May 2022 Meta was above $220 and in November 2022 Meta was below $90. However, there was some recovery in December and the stock was back above $100. At the time of writing, Meta is above $ 120. 


Currently, Meta is more than 60% below its 52-week high price of $347.23. Meta's 52-week low price was $88.09.

Target forecast 2023: Bearish case on Facebook stocks

Now, it is known that the industry of advertising is facing the heat due to rising interest rates and advertisers are spending less due to the possibility of a recession in the coming months and the high price of Facebook. Meta Platform is affected by the same. But it's important to understand the depth of the impact to gauge the future.

Advertising In full decline? Meta Platform Inc is affected

The advertising business generates nearly 98% of the Meta platform's total revenue in any given quarter and, therefore, any negative impact on this segment will have a large impact on the company. For reference, Alphabet Inc generates only 79% of its revenue from advertising, and. Apple Inc generates almost nothing. The same difference can be seen in the path of its share price. Meta Platform is much more dependent on the advertising business.

User privacy affects Meta 2023 pricing

But there are other issues with Meta Platform as well. Apple's iOS update has allowed users to opt out of data tracking features, and without data tracking, Meta's ad has become less effective in terms of revenue-generating clicks. 


It is also facing stiff resistance from Byte Dance's TikTok, which has become the go-to app for U.S. teens. Meta has invested in Instagram reels to counter the same, but it is very difficult to monetize the same compared to regular ads.


As a result, the Meta's revenues fell 4% year over year in the third quarter of 2022 to 1Q4Q27.7 billion. It was also the second consecutive quarter of revenue decline. Its net income was even worse, plummeting by 52% to $ 4.4 billion, below the consensus forecast by $ 0.22. Ad business headwinds are still expected to continue into the first half of 2023, and thus not a positive sign for Meta's investors.

Facebook Metaverse VR: Reality Labs Business at a Loss

Target forecast 2023: Positive case on Facebook price

Meta's broad domain base is one of its strongest points. Nearly 3650 million people use at least one of Meta's applications and, in Q2 2022, usage increased by 4 % year-on-year. Given that Facebook has already reached about half of the world's population, the increase in active users is staggering. It means that for most businesses, it will remain the standard advertising platform.


Apple iOS hindered Meta's ability to build its advertising business, but it is now doing so by implementing proprietary data and placing more emphasis on video-based ads. It is anticipated that if Meta implements those adjustments and the macroeconomic hurdles subside, Meta's advertising business will stabilize and begin to grow once again shortly.

Meta Platforms Inc Cheap shares?

Given that Meta is priced at just 11 times projected earnings, bulls think it is a sound investment. This makes it by far one of the most affordable stocks. The company has also made a decision to cut costs by 11%, or 13.3%, of its workforce. That shows that Mark Zuckerberg is making some tough decisions to cut costs.


The CEO has cut budgets, profits and real estate footprints. To compete with TikTok, the firm is also looking to monetize Instagram reels. People also think that TikTok will eventually be banned, which will be very beneficial for Meta.

goal prognosis

Meta prediction: Current performance and valuation of Meta Platforms Inc.

Despite Meta's forecast earnings for 2023, the trend is sharply lower, so forecasts may continue to fall. Despite Meta Platform's heavy spending on Metaverse and the downturn in the advertising business, Meta shares are currently trading well below their all-time high.


These elements may contribute to a further decline in Meta's share price. To accurately reflect these risks, one would be prepared to pay a healthier ratio for Meta, which translates into a price range of $66-72. 


Meta Platform's current share price is approximately 35 % below this price range. At this price, Meta will be significantly undervalued and Meta Platform shares will have already fully discounted the risk of any further downturn in the advertising industry.

Forecast Goal: Performance Goal 2022-2023

The company's overall revenue currently stands at $27.1 billion, down 4.47 % from the previous year (2021). For Meta, this has been the situation for the past two quarters, during which time the company's revenues have struggled to rise and, conversely, have fallen.


The company's free cash flows are currently $317 million with a YoY of -96.06%. The company's cash flow from investing operations, which was -$9.70B with a YoY of -2839.70%, was the most concerning statistic in this quarter.


The revenue segments show that, with 1TP4Q27 million and 1TP4Q285 million, respectively, advertising revenues from the family of applications once again covered the majority of Meta's and Reality Labs' revenues.

Reality Labs and Metaverse stock forecasts

Reality Labs reported a net loss of $3.7 billion for the last quarter of 2022 and a loss of $9.4 billion for the following nine months. According to a Meta press release, this funding was used for research and development, as well as for the creation of Occulus Quest 2 and Metaverse.


The staggering $36 billion figure invested by Meta in the Metaverse concept is troubling. Reality Lab's sales last quarter were approximately $285 million, a significant decrease from the $452 million it achieved in sales the previous quarter similar to the performance of Rivian. After the epidemic, when people started to leave home, there was a progressive decrease in the number of consumers.

Forecast Long-term target to 2030

Year Price

Since the fall of 2021, Facebook's (META) stock price has been falling and the company's market capitalization has been declining faster than the technology sector's index NASDAQIs it worthwhile to start shorting META shares, or is this the perfect time to buy because the price has fallen to its lowest point?

Prediction Target 2023: Price trend this year

Mes Estimado ($)

What Facebook (META) news can influence its price?

External factors influencing META's share price:

Internal factors influencing META's share price:

Is Meta a good long-term investment?

Meta is a good long-term investment, based on a comparison of its current valuations with future earnings growth. Although investor expectations for META and other technology stocks, in general, are low at this time, sell-side analysts project that Meta Platform will be able to achieve decent estimated sales by 2023.


This translates into a price/earnings ratio beneficial to the growth of Meta Platform Inc. In our view, it will be reasonable for major technology giants such as Meta to obtain a better quality ratio in a more normalized market environment. As such, we view Meta as an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

Meta pedicción acciones: Buy, sell or hold?

  • Metaverse's investments have not yet produced results for the company.


  • On the other hand, monetization of Facebook reels will occur in early 2023.


  • As for Reality Labs' revenues, Metaverse has yet to become a profitable business until 2023.


  • The gaming industry with a market capitalization of $ 100 billion is one that Meta can easily enter.


  • Messenger and WhatsApp are the other extremely prized possessions. Meta is working aggressively to monetize the opportunities presented by its subsidiaries.


  • On September 16, 2020, Meta unveiled Quest 2, its next-generation virtual reality viewer priced at $299. The company also unveiled a multi-year collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, the parent company of Ray-Ban. In 2021, the two companies collaborated to develop a pair of Ray-Ban branded smart glasses. This will further help the company attract more consumers to the Metaverse.

goal prognosis

Meta prediction: Summary

At present, near-term headwinds dominate the future growth potential of Meta Platforms Inc. Indeed, the company is making tough decisions to cut costs, but the change in Apple's privacy policy has put a permanent dent in Meta's advertising revenue.


In addition, Meta is over-reliant on the advertising segment and Metaverse proves to be a disaster for the rest. Meta is currently spending too much on Reality Labs, although it may prove to be a key factor in five to ten years. Although it is anticipated that there will be more pressure on Meta Platform's stock in the near future, the shares could become quite intriguing for investors around 100$.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Inc. stock can be considered a smart investment for the future given what the company has accomplished in less than 20 years and the creativity of the founder and CEO. The company will likely experience better times under Zuckerberg and his leadership.

If you believe Meta will still be important in a few years, now is one of the best times to invest in the company's stock. The stock is now trading at a low price, so buying now will increase your chances of making more profit.


Meta stock has the ability to rise dramatically over the next few years, despite its recent decline. The stock may reach $ 1,000, although it may take a few years.

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