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Amazon 2023 Forecast: Amazon Price Target and Long-Term Forecasts

One of the largest e-commerce technology companies, Amazon (AMZN), has more than 40 % of market share in the United States. Jeff Bezos, launched the company in 1994. The platform was once just a simple Internet retailer. The business is now expanding into several sectors, including cloud computing and rendering services. Today you'll learn a bit about AMZN's 2023 price target.


  • Price strength
  • Prime membership increasing
  • Highly-qualified income
  • Future investment
  • Prepaid capital expenditures


  • Conflict in the electronics sector
  • Lower-than-usual income estimate
  • Risky investments
  • Too much diversification

Amazon forecast for 2023

amazon forecast

AMZN stock has risen confidently since going public, setting new all-time highs virtually every year. The most challenging year for the business was 2022, when shares fell more than 25%. Will Amazon stock exhibit steady growth going forward?


World analysts predict that Amazon's cost will be $ 125.58 by the end of 2023 and $ 140.46 by mid-2024. By December 2032, Amazon could increase by 215 % to $ 265.30 over the next 10 years.


We have examined Amazon's development potential and compiled forecasts for the years 2023, 2025 and 2030. In addition, we will analyze important economic metrics of the company for fundamental research, as well as price predictions based on technical indicators and price action tools.

What is Amazon? Estimates 2023

The company was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. He recognized the e-commerce potential of the fast-growing Internet and one positive comment was all it took to get started.

Amazon was originally an online bookselling platform: Being able to list all titles online gave the company an advantage over in-person booksellers who had to print long and expensive paper catalogs. In its early years, Amazon operated out of Bezos' garage in Bellevue, Washington.

The company would continue to innovate during the following years, launching products and services, including Amazon Prime two-day membership delivery in 2005, the Amazon Kindle e-reader device in 2007 and the Echo & Alexa electronic voice assistant in 2016. Amazon also forayed into music and movies with Amazon Music and Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon forecast for 2023

AMZN Target Price: Advantages and Disadvantages

For Amazon, the risk-reward ratio is more or less balanced. On the one hand, AMZN has price control over Prime in its home market and Amazon's future profitability should increase as a result of the drop in capital expenditures and the change in revenue mix.

On the other hand, while there are many rivals in its core e-commerce industry, Amazon may find it difficult to compete in new industries or growing geographic territories.


  • Price strength
  • The price of a Prime membership in the U.S. will increase, with the monthly fee rising from $ 12.99 to $ 14.99 (+15%) and the annual membership costing $ 119 to $ 139 (+17%), according to Amazon's Q4 2021 earnings press release for Q4 2021.
  • Mix of top-rated income
  • Amazon invests a lot of money in the future, and this bet on what's to come means that its share price can look stronger in the face of problems that may arise in its core niche.
  • Lower anticipated capital expenditures
  • In conclusion, I believe Amazon will be able to increase the cost of Prime membership. In the medium term, AMZN's profitability may increase due to a combination of more favorable revenue and lower capital expenditures, which are important equity investment benefits.


  • Conflict in the E-Commerce Sector
  • Amazon's Q1 2022 overall revenue estimate was below expectations and Q4 2022 retail or e-commerce sales growth has been subdued.
  • It is difficult to expand your market abroad
  • The company's response to a query about the possibility of an increase in Amazon Prime prices in foreign regions speaks volumes about how competitive AMZN is in those markets. In the long term, it may be overly optimistic to anticipate that Amazon will see stronger growth in international markets.
  • Risky investments in new markets
  • Some investors are excited about Amazon's potential to enter new growth markets, such as lending, healthcare, and ultimately succeed in a manner similar to how AWS or its core e-commerce business did. So Amazon's latest growth strategies may not be as successful as investors anticipate.

Long-term Amazon forecast to 2030

The consensus analyst forecast for Amazon's stock price is bullish for 2023. AMZN's overall stock forecast for the next 12 months came in at $137.82 per share. Meanwhile, the highest Amazon stock forecast for 2023 was $ 192 and the lowest was $ 103.

Analysts have been reducing their price targets for Amazon over the past year. According to data from UBS Group, Evercore ISI, JPMorgan & Chase and Piper Sandler are among the firms that cut their 12-month Amazon stock price forecasts from November 2022 to January 2023.

Amazon's 2025 stock forecast was more optimistic, expecting the stock to be valued at $ 394 at the end of the first half, closing the year at $ 412.26. The forecaster was much more optimistic on the Amazon's long-term futurepredicting that the stock could reach $1,048.18 within seven years in 2030.

Amazon 2023 estimates: Price trends to date

Year Estimado ($)

AMZN Target Price - Latest events and news

Amazon's stock price has not been this high since the market turbulence in March 2020. The stock experienced a bull run in 2021, reaching an intraday high of $188.65 on July 13.

A different picture has emerged for 2022, with AMZN stock losing 50% on the year due to the Ukraine conflict, high inflation and aggressive currency tightening.

  • Amazon Forecast: Widespread Layoffs

    In the statement announcing the 18,000 job cuts, Amazon said, "These changes will help us pursue our long-term opportunities with a stronger cost structure; however, we are also optimistic that we will be creative, resourceful and resourceful at this time. when we are not hiring expansively and eliminating some roles."

  • Fears of a recession in the U.S. affected stocks

    Amazon is a major e-commerce company, and its North American operations account for the majority of its profits. The state of the U.S. economy has a significant influence on how the company will fare financially in the future. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), more than 30 % of the global economy may be about to enter recession and, by 2023, the economies of the U.S., China and the European Union will develop more slowly than they did in 2022. . According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), more than 30 % of the world economy may be about to enter recession and, in 2023, the economies of the U.S., China and the European Union will develop more slowly than in 2022.

  • Amazon's revenue declined in the third quarter of 2022

    On October 28, Amazon released its third quarter 2022 earnings. Comparing net sales year over year, they increased 15% to $127.1 billion from $110.8 billion. Net sales grew 19% compared to the prior year, excluding the negative impact of $5.0 billion from foreign exchange.

Amazon estimates and possible ups and downs

These are the main reasons why Amazon's price may be affected:

  • The general state of the world economy:

    The corporation's shares are comparatively resilient to global disasters. After the 2000 and 2008 crises, the price of most stocks recovered. Amazon's stock price will fall if there is a decline in GDP, industrial production or other basic indicators of the world economy.

  • U.S. macroeconomic indicators:

    Amazon is a major e-commerce company, and its North American operations account for the majority of its profits. The state of the U.S. economy has a significant influence on how the company will fare financially in the future. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), more than 30 % of the global economy may be about to enter recession and, in 2023, the economies of the U.S., China and the European Union will develop more slowly than in 2022.

  • Development plans:

    Plans for the corporation's long-term growth include market expansion, forays into new markets, the purchase of small regional companies, monetary status, increased sales, profits, etc.

  • Foreign policy:

    Court cases, corporate scandals, historical context, labor conditions, etc.

  • Global reasons:

    The stock price is also affected by circumstances beyond our control. For example, the global pandemic disrupted international transportation networks and impacted sales, reducing customer demand and company revenues.

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Will Amazon's price go up again? Some reasons

Amazon (AMZN) is one of the most dominant companies in the world. Whether it's consumer products or business services, almost everyone has interacted with an Amazon service at some point. While Amazon needs no introduction, here's a quick breakdown of its major businesses and accomplishments:


Amazon is the world's largest online retailer by market capitalization. Amazon Prime Video is the second largest streaming service in the world, with approximately 200 million subscribers.


Amazon Web Services is the world's largest cloud infrastructure.


Along with this, Amazon has a foothold in many other industries through strategic acquisitions the company has made over the years. Some of the most notable companies now owned by Amazon include:

  • Whole Grain Foods - Groceries

  • Audible - Audiobooks

  • Zappos - Apparel

  • Twitch: live entertainment streaming

  • MGM - Content Productions

  • Blink: home security

  • Ring - Smart Homes

  • Comixology: digital comics subscription service

  • iRobot: consumer robots and innovation in the smart home

  • One Medical: subscription-based consumer health care management

Will Amazon shares rise in the long term?

Amazon's shares rose sharply during the global COVID-19 pandemic, but have since lost much of their gains due to the uncertain market conditions. Even after a strong mid-summer rally, shares are still down more than 47% in 2022.


At the end of 2022, Amazon reported earnings and revenue that increased compared to a year ago, but fell below Wall Street expectations. According to analysts, 1TP4Q155.15 billion in sales were expected for the fourth quarter of 2022. However, Amazon issued more cautious guidance, forecasting net sales of 1TP4Q140 billion to 1TP4Q148 billion, well below analysts' estimate.


Regardless of disappointing results in a given quarter, analysts and investors believe Amazon holds great promise for the long term.

amazon forecast

Amazon Forecast: Positive side

  • The most powerful force behind Amazon's success has been its ability to operate at scale to increase revenues and profits. One of the main ways it does this is by constantly investing in research and development and identifying new market opportunities. Two main avenues Amazon has focused on in recent years are the digitization of shopping and telehealth.
  • Amazon Go and Amazon's Just Walk Out technology have been developed for cashierless payments. The size of the self-payment system market alone is expected to exceed $ 10 billion by 2030, according to Global Market Insights.
  • Amazon Care has been a new avenue the company has explored in telehealth, another market that is separately estimated to be worth more than $ 787 billion by 2028, according to Grand View Research.

Amazon Forecast: Downside

  • Amazon does not necessarily face problems due to its business model: it has ample resources, almost $ 35 billion in cash and a diversified portfolio of investments in all sectors. The main concern is macroeconomic conditions and their spillover effects.
  • Less consumer spending and cost-cutting measures by companies could hurt overall revenue and company profitability. In addition, widespread inflation is affecting Amazon's foreign currency transactions.
  • Amazon is being investigated by the UK's Markets and Competition Authority in connection with a claim that it uses unfair practices to drive consumers to its own products and those of merchants using its order fulfillment service. 

What should you consider before investing in Amazon?

Not all of Amazon's investments have been successes. Its recent investment in the electric vehicle manufacturer, RivianThe company's stock purchase, it turned out to be a questionable bet, as Amazon posted a US$3.9 billion loss in the second quarter of 2022 in connection with the purchase of its shares. 


By October, Amazon had lost a whopping $ $11.5 billion on its investment in Rivian in 2022 alone. However, Amazon's third-quarter net income included a pre-tax valuation gain of $1100 million from its Rivian stock.


Ongoing inflation concerns, discouraged consumer sentiment and spending downturns have the potential to affect Amazon's core businesses. Despite the rapid growth of AWS, other segments have not performed as well.


Amazon reported a net loss in the first quarter of 2022, and one of the segments that experienced declines was Amazon's online stores. Costs to maintain these areas of the business have increased, and the worst may be yet to come as markets face the possibility of a recession in 2023.

Summary - Amazon Forecast

Amazon would likely have near-term setbacks if inflation continues to rise out of control and a major recession occurs in the United States. For those with the right investment objectives and risk tolerance, the stock may be an excellent buy given Amazon's continued strong long-term prospects and current stock valuation.


Keep in mind that expert and algorithm-based predictions for Amazon stock may be inaccurate and should not be used as a replacement for your own research. Before trading, always do your own research by consulting the most recent news, the technical analysis and fundamental and a variety of expert comments.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It is impossible to know with certainty what stock prices will be several years from now. However, under the right conditions, Amazon's stock could more than double in the next few years.

Stock prices will depend on many factors that cannot be quantified years in advance, making five-year stock forecasts purely speculative. But Seeking Alpha, based on a broad set of assumptions, offered a mid-range prediction in January that Amazon stock could soar to $ 600 in five years.

Reliable sources of stock market analysis have not issued predictions for 2030. However, Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. Its dominance in online retail and cloud infrastructure and its strong positions in additional industries ranging from telehealth to robotics make it likely that the company will continue to thrive over the next decade and beyond.

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