Sandbox Kurs Prognose 2022: Volatil zur Traum-Rendite

Like many others, you will find yourself in later times again and again on the course of the Metaverse The Sandbox-Coin and ask yourself whether it is the right time to invest. Since it is a very volatile coin, it can be more than just a matter of time before the right strategy can be created. For this very reason, we have developed the development of The Sandbox for you and have created an appropriate and reliable The Sandbox Prognosis for you, in order to enable you to make your own Investments. We show you how our long term Sandbox Prognose at a price of 17.92$ in 2030 and what you need to do to be able to enjoy it. Above all, however, we need to look at The Sandbox once again.

The Sandbox - Die VR-Revolution

The Sandbox is a token-based game that allows players to create a virtual world with non-functional tokens (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. Spieler können ihre eigenen Avatare erstellen, um auf verschiedene Spiele, Umgebungen und Hubs in der Sandbox zuzugreifen. The game can be used as a DeFi version of Minecraft on the blockchain. 

The Sandbox was released by Pixowl in 2011 and was a mobile platformer that was developed to compete with Minecraft. Es wurde ein Hit und verzeichnete weltweit mehr als 40 Milionen Downloads. Aber im Jahr 2018 beschlossen die Gründer Arthur Madrid und Sebastien Borget, die Möglichkeiten der Erstellung eines 3D-Metaverses auf der Blockchain zu erkunden. Their goal is for Benutzer to actually make their creations as NFTs and to earn the trust for the participation in the ecosystem. 2020 saw the launch of a new Sandbox project, which together with Axie Infinity and Decentraland became one of the fastest growing projects in the Kryptowelt. 

In November 2021, The Sandbox will receive 93 million US dollars from major investors, the Japanese tech company SoftBank. Das Spiel hat auch auch mehr als 50 Partnerschaften angezogen, darunter Atari, eine berühmte Spielefirma, CryptoKitties, The Walking Dead und Rapstar Snoop Dogg, alles gute Aussichten für eine positive The Sandbox Kurs Prognose.

Vor- und Nachteile von SAND

As more and more game platforms are being developed with the blockchain, it is clear that many more projects are being started to make money from the game. The Sandbox game, which is already in operation, is one of the leading projects in this area with a lot of experience. We have fully explained to you the pros and cons of The Sandbox and the risks and rewards.


  • The Sandbox is an original idea, which is about the complete centralization of games on the blockchain. Sie revolutioniert das Konzept, ein komplettes und vollständiges Spieluniversum auf der Ethereum-Blockchain aufzubauen.
  • The Sandbox's decentralized Protokoll makes it easier for its users to buy, sell and trade various products and services within the Sandbox metaverses and thus ensures good experiences in dealing with tokens in the games.
  • We are all pleased that NFTs are in the current cryptowelt in the trend and The Sandbox has used them for this purpose. The NFTs, which will be used in the form of the Nutzer, will transform every land and every object in the virtual world into a comprehensive, unique concept, which will be an affordable solution for their owners, as they will be their own price.
  • These NFTs in combination with the central protocollector in The Sandbox ensure the safe disposal of the raw materials in the Metaverse.
  • In the social media, the platform's operators and the most important employees are very active and hold the platform's community at bay and react directly to the hype.
  • The native utility tokens of the project can be used, whereby the owners will receive a part of the existing forms. The entries do not currently lead to the generation of new SAND tokens and are not subject to the SAND course.


  • The Sandbox Coin is a major economic restriction. And the SAND-Coin is in Germany, as it is not only a full-fledged coin, but also a digital currency. The operation is also still unclear. In principle, the SAND-Coin only functions as a currency, which is linked to The Sandbox MMO and its various digital options.
  • This function of The Sandbox provides a strongly integrated target group for this cryptography. It is very well thought out and offers significant advantages for all developers or for the players of the game. For all those who only want to keep the money, there is no real use for the coin, apart from the possibility of being able to use it for governance decisions in The Sandbox MMO.
  • The Sandbox is a very young project, which was first published about seven months ago, and the full implementation of the project plan is not planned for 2023.

On the basis of these values and considerations, it is clear to us that the coin has been underestimated at the present time. We see the potential of the SAND Kurs, particularly with regard to the Meta plateau with the Metaverse, as risky and still unrealistic.

Sandbox Kurs Prognose 2023

High inflation and a very unsafe macroeconomic situation have a strong influence on the price of bitcoin in 2022. In contrast to the internal cryptocurrency flows in the crypto industry of major players such as FTX, Celsius, Voyager and Luna, 2023 is not a good year for the bulls. We will probably see a few lesser dumped samples, which we will then be able to find out about, with any minor markings to be removed.

Daher ist der Sandcoin noch noch interessanter als ohnehin schon. Denn bisher sind Metaverse Werte von diesen Schrumpfungen unberührt geberührt geblieben und haben im Gegensatz zu konventionellen Anlagemethoden rasant an Wert genommen. Mark Zuckerberg invests in 2023 nochmals mehrere Milliarden Dollar in das Metaverse, davon profitiert der The Sandbox Coin direkt. Deshalb sieht unsere Sand Kurs Prognose für 2023 ein insgesamt Plus von bis zu 52% und einen Preis im Dezember 2023 von 0,85$. 

The Sandbox Prognose anhand der fundamentalen Daten

The Sandbox was created in 2011 by the company Pixowl ins Leben. There are two partners of the platform, Arthur Andres Madrid and Sebastien Borget. Their whitepaper is the main goal of the platform to revolutionize the mainstream gaming area with blockchain-enabled technology. 

Darüber hinaus hat die Plattform im Dezember 2018 das Alpha-Update veröffentlicht. Und stellte Creatorfunds zur Verfügung, um Entwickler für die Entwicklung von Artikeln auf ihrer Blockchain zu incentivieren. Die erste Finanzierung erfolgte im Mai 2019, die Plattform hat eine 4,5 Millionen Dollar Seed-Runde bestätigt. Von renommierten Tech-Unternehmen wie True Global Ventures, Square Enix und Hashed. 

In December 2019, the Oekosystem will be the first LAND sales with a 2.5 % front end of the Vermögens. In addition, the platform will open a beta version of VoxEdit in February 2020 to enable the token transaction to be treated as a larger net basis. The Liquidity-Mining- and Staking-Programm was launched in September 2020.

Sand Krypto Analyse: These are the Expertenmeinungen

Just as with Metaverse Coins, the experiences are far behind. Umso wichtiger ist es jedoch, sich beide Seiten genau anzuhören.

  • Wallet Investor has made its bullish opinion of SAND on 5-Jahres-Sicht fest: "Based on our prognoses for the course of the year, a long-term investment will be made, the cash flow for 2027-04-24 is 20,088 US-Dollars. In the case of a 5-year investment, a premium of around +693,99% will be paid. Your current investment of 100 US dollars can reach up to 793.99 US dollars in 2027.
  • Coinpedia also has a bullish outlook for the SAND Token for 2022-2023, even with an alternative bearish outlook: "If The Sandbox 2023 starts with a positive note and a growing discount rate during the start of its mobile version, the price can rise to a potentially higher level. Due to further games, partnerships and fundraising activities, the price could rise to a potential high of 21,773 $. However, the sandbox course could also be slightly higher.
  • DigitalCoinPrice has also made a moderate bullish Vorhersage for SAND for the year 2023: "As a result of the prognostication of the data analysis, the price of SAND will exceed the market value of $3,16. By the end of the year, The Sandbox will achieve a minimum price of 3.07 $. Darüber hinaus ist der SANDpreis in der Lage, ein maximales Niveau von 3,31 $ zu erreichen."

The Sandbox Coin Prognose to 2030

In order to be able to achieve a long-term, accurate price forecast, you need a more than stable data basis. In order to ensure this, we have ensured our KI with all current price developments from the Sandbox Coin, all similar coins and the cryptocurrencies as well as the market capitalization and the market volume by taking the market volume into account. Based on the results of this process, we have developed our Sand Coin Prognosis.

Sand Krypto Prognose 2024

According to our The Sandbox Price Forecast and technical analysis, the SAND Price in 2024 will exceed $1.30 by a considerable margin. The Sandbox's current minimum price will be 1.27$ by the end of this year. In addition, SAND can achieve a maximum price level of $1.49.

The Sandbox Prognose 2025

Based on our comprehensive technical analysis of The Sandbox and the current SAND price data, the price of The Sandbox in 2025 is expected to reach a minimum price of $1.82 in 2025. The SAND Price can reach a maximum level of $2.16 with a hard trade price of $1.87. Dieser Kurs ist jedoch jedoch recht konservativ gerechnet.

The Sandbox Prognose 2026

In 2026, we expect to see a short supply of cryptocurrencies in the company and a rapid implementation in the general public, as well as increased cooperation between the various cryptocurrency pairs. If The Sandbox Coin benefits from this development to a large extent, it can achieve a trading price of $3.18 for the maximum 2026 course. The prices offered by The Sandbox Token will be very trendy if we remain so. If everything goes well, we will be able to reject a price of $2.77 with a premium of $3.18 for 2026.

Prognose Sand 2027-2028

For the period 2027-2030 our The Sandbox Kurs Prognosis shows the greatest growth prospects. After all, not only we, but also Tech-Analysts will see in the timeframe 2027-2030 the great progress in the field of technology towards the full implementation of VR technology and thus also the technology of The Sandbox. Therefore, our Sandbox Prognosis for 2027 is a minimum price of 3,70$ and a final price of 3,80$. The maximum price for our forecast is 4,39$, which is in line with the forecast for other seriöser Institutes.

Mit der allgegenwärtigen VR sieht unsere Sand Coin Prognose den Preis von 1 The Sandbox (SAND) in 2028 bei einem Mindestniveau von $5.15. In 2028, the SAND-Curs can achieve a high premium of $6.39 at a price of $5.30.

Sand Coin Prognose 2030

SAND will be the safe choice in 2030 and thanks to the risky community, the Sandbox Coin will receive new opportunities. The price volatility is difficult to predict, especially when the market is as buoyant as it is today. Im Jahr 2030 wird The Sandbox wird fast 11,76 US-Dollar wert sein. The price of The Sandbox could be around 12.10 $ by the end of 2030. In the defined area of the cryptocurrency market, it will be managed with enormous price fluctuations. This is why a maximum price is difficult to achieve. Our Sand Coin Prognose 2030 shows a short price range of 12.30 $ to 17.37$. 

SAND Prognose in the overview of the entire Cryptomarkt

Sandbox (SAND) has the ability to attract investors based on its innovative and fundamental principles. The Sandbox (SAND)-Project is based on all the resources it needs to be successful in the future, as a significant investment in the future is made and an experienced team is assembled.

Sandbox has a very promising future and a new all-rounder for SAND could be promoted on the basis of the rapid growth of the Sandbox-Ökosystem. But how does it look like in the actual Kryptomarkt? If we look for the most important Bitcoin cryptocurrency for this purpose, the future looks rosy. After all, the forecast for Bitcoin for 2030 is a price range of 150,000$ up to Sage and a price of 1,000,000$ ahead, there are even analysts who are forecasting a new, higher price. Wenn wir jedoch mit dem Median von 575.000 als Grundlage nehmen ist die Prognose von The Sandbox Coin (SAND) mindestens analog wenn nicht sogar steiler als der durschnittliche Trend des Kryptomarktes.

Fazit Sand Coin Prognose 

The Sandbox is known for the creation of a unique and new virtual world, which will be created as a metaverse and in which players will be able to buy, sell and monetize their game assets with the help of NFTs and SAND Tokens. 

Players in The Sandbox can play, edit, manage and verify their own opportunities in the form of NFTs, they can place them on the Protokolls marketplace and integrate them into games with the native Game Maker of the Protokolls.

While the Sandbox-Netzwerk itself continues to provide active growth, new partnerships and other important innovations, which have been developed by its development team and Animoca Brands, it can certainly be an important part of the Metaverse economy as a whole and can provide a major investment in the coming years.

Of course, the long-lasting effects of a cryptocurrency are difficult to say, but the fact that SAND is a continually developing and growing industry makes it clear that it remains a major source of investment for the future. 

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